We work shoulder-to-shoulder with Nicaraguan neighbors to bring clean water, healthcare, education, and economic opportunity to rural communities in need.

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The need in Nicaragua is great; it’s the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. In Nicaragua, kidney disease kills more people each year than in any other nation. Most children don’t finish the sixth grade. Skin disease, parasites, and respiratory disease run rampant. Improved health and family life are impossible to achieve alone, yet hope remains.

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Good Vecinos

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with Nicaraguan neighbors (vecinos) to bring clean water, health, education, and economic opportunity to rural communities in need.

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What Others Have Done

A Fun Run

The 6th grade class of Parkway Central Middle School in Chesterfield, Missouri participates in a Fun Run each year to bring clean water to families in Nicaragua. Last year’s run raised over $8,000 from sponsors who donated for each lap a student ran. To add some fun, classes competed to see who could run the most laps and raise the most money. Amigos set up Skype meetings for our Nicaraguan staff to share about the impact that the students continue to make in Nicaragua.

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What Others Have Done


"We sold our T Shirts to our classmates, friends, and people at church. Only 14 people from our school went on the trip to Nicaragua, but we ended up selling 130 shirts. The overall experience was crazy because we had to balance the project with our regular schoolwork, but when we finally counted all the money we could give to Amigos, it was very rewarding."
-Avery Nicholas

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What Others Have Done

Organize a Motorcycle Run

"The motorcycle run acts as a springboard for us to address different audiences and congregations that are interested in our ride and in our work in Nicaragua but are not motorcycle riders. As such we get hundreds of donors even though we only end up with dozens of riders."
-Bernie Terrien

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What Others Have Done

Baking for Amigos

Meet Kathryn, a 12 year old from St. Louis, Missouri. After hearing an Amigos for Christ representative speak at her church, Kathryn took action to help. She decided she would earn the $619 that it takes to build a family in Nicaragua a bathroom by baking. Kathryn got to work and baked almost everyday. She was selling baked goods to her friends, family and even teachers for holiday gifts or just a treat. Once she raised the money she mailed it in with a sweet note saying, “I was so happy and just happy to think of a family finding out they will get a bathroom soon. I hope this money makes you and the family happy. Thank you!”

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Through development work in Nicaragua, we spark transformational growth in people, families, and communities.

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