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Supporting the Amigos mission locally

Join our Ambassador Team

The Amigos Ambassador team is made up of dedicated volunteers who are deeply inspired by the amazing work that God is doing in Nicaragua. They help Amigos share and expand on all the progress taking place by serving for a year in one of the available roles and attending bi-annual, behind-the-scenes meetings to stay updated on all things Amigos. As a bonus, it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded, Amigos Family members from all over and have a good time while helping further our mission in Nicaragua. Win-win. 

Ready to take the next step? Check out the available roles below!

Become a Group Leader

Take your previous Amigos mission trip experience to the next level by becoming a Group Leader! As a Group Leader, you’ll have the opportunity to gather a team of people from your church, work, or community and lead them on a transformative journey to Nicaragua. With Amigos’ support, you’ll guide your team through the planning, preparation, and travel process, then facilitate their experience of serving in Nicaragua. We’ll have your back every step of the way with email templates, mission trip flyers, and pre-trip meeting guides. 

Become a Fundraising Ambassador

If you’ve been inspired by seeing the impact of your support towards projects in Nicaragua, consider being a Fundraising Ambassador. Rally your community to join you in supporting Amigos’ projects with your own fundraising page. We’ll keep you in the loop and give you all the info you need on Amigos’ projects and initiatives so that you can help connect people to all the great work going on. 

Become a Local Events Planner

Ready to put your organizational skills and your love for hosting events to use? As a Local Events Planner with Amigos, you’ll have the opportunity to bring together the Amigos family in your local area and throw fun, laid-back events like dinner parties, trivia nights, worship nights, and even golf tournaments. It’s a great way to get to know more of the Amigos family in your region.  

Become an Advocacy Ambassador

If you’re passionate about spreading awareness of what Amigos is doing in Nicaragua and enjoy sharing about the mission, then becoming an Amigos Advocate could be a great fit. You’ll work with our communications team to stay updated on all the cool stuff that’s happening and use your social media account(s) to get others involved. If you’re a natural at speaking in front of groups, we can also help you find opportunities and give you resources to give inspiring talks about Amigos’ work, right in your local community.  

Become a Post-Trip Outreach Ambassador

Has your mission trip experience with Amigos been life-changing? Processing after a mission trip can be one of the most rewarding parts of a person’s experience with Amigos. Would you be interested in walking alongside others as they return from trips, process their experience, and decide how to stay plugged in with Amigos? Join a team of other Ambassadors in guiding them through their return to the States and how they can be further engaged with all God is doing in Nicaragua and with Amigos.

Try an Idea of Your Own

If you have any other ideas for how you would like to get involved, tell us about it by clicking the link below and filling out the form.

Volunteer in our Buford, GA Office

Here at Amigos, we see that Christ is made visible when we do small things with great love. That’s why we’re so grateful for our volunteers who share their time and talent to support our daily operations. From stuffing envelopes and folding T-shirts in our office to inventorying suppliesour volunteers keep us going.

¿Querés ser un voluntario en Nicaragua?