Amigos Academy

in La Chuscada

The Amigos Academy in the rural community of La Chuscada provides quality education that focuses on excellence, innovation, and being a model for other schools. Equipped with the best teachers, curriculum, and technology, our students are receiving one-of-a-kind opportunities to develop and thrive academically. We are committed to investing in the futures of our students and developing the next generation of leaders and visionaries in Nicaragua.

Why is the Amigos Academy important?

In Nicaragua, only 55% of students graduate from the 6th grade.
That’s nearly half a country left behind. 
We are changing that.

2024 Academy Goals

210 elementary school students (Preschool - 6th grade) are currently enrolled for the 2023 school year.

The Amigos Academy Scholarship Program

School enrollment has increased from 30 students in 2014 to 225 students who currently attend the Amigos Academy. Through the new Amigos Academy Scholarship Program, we provide sponsorship opportunities to support the education of each student. We are partners, walking juntos with each parent, student, family, and teacher as they dream of transforming the future.
We have so many hopes and dreams for the students living in La Chuscada and beyond. Join us in making these dreams a reality!

The story behind The Amigos Academy

The Amigos Academy started out as a vision from the parents in La Chuscada. The dream was this – simply to have a building for their children to attend schoolFor years, students gathered under a plastic tarp or met underneath a tree. Intense rainy seasons destroyed these students’ learning environments and left the community without steady access to education.  


In 2015, the community partnered with Amigos to build a temporary wooden school. Students attended this school for a few years, but the community kept dreaming. They thought, what if we built a school that would be a model for all schools in rural Nicaragua? A school that would attract students from all over La Chuscada and the surrounding areas. Thus, in 2016, construction began. Working together  we built a brand-new, modern school. In 2018, the school opened its doors to all students ages 3-12.  

School enrollment continues to increase! Back in 2014, around 30 kids attended school. When the school moved to the temporary, wooden building, this number jumped to 90 students. Now, 210 students attend the Amigos Academy.

Increased school enrollment is just the beginning. We want our students to have access to the best educational opportunities, empowering  them to be model citizens and the next generation of leaders. We are creating a school that sets the standard for all other schools in rural Nicaragua.  


In 2021, The Amigos Academy opened its doors for the first time as a private institution providing elite education. The school is equipped with newly enriched curriculum, model teachers, and innovative technology. This is having a huge impact on our current students, and for years to come as this dream continues to evolve and unfold. 

What's New at The Amigos Academy?

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