Plan 7

Community Development Model for Rural Chinandega, Nicaragua

Plan 7

Plan 7 is Amigos for Christ’s community development model that generates sustainable growth in rural Nicaraguan communities.



The community owns everything


Water and a bathroom


Reduce preventable disease


Every child in school

Economic Development

Increase income by 10% annually

The Inspiration Behind Plan 7

On the dusty road leaving Jericho, a memorable scene unfolded as Jesus healed Bartimaeus. Jesus asked a crucial question of the blind man: “What do you want me to do for you?” His answer was simple, “I want to see.”

Our team has been inspired by the way that Jesus invited the blind man to simply state what he needed, allowing him to be a part of his own healing. When we walk into any rural Nicaraguan home, we see the difficult circumstances that families have lived in for generations. And when we sit to listen, to really understand what people desire, we hear answers like this:

“I want to be able to provide for my family.”
“I want to give opportunities to my children that I never had.”
“I want to be healthy.”
These desires pave the way to life transformation. Plan 7 puts each family in the driver’s seat. We view ourselves as partners, providing the tools and encouragement that are needed to bring healing and dreams to the forefront.

Communities Participating in Plan 7

The Plan

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Plan 7 Impact

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