Amigos Academy Scholarship Program

The Amigos Academy in the rural community of La Chuscada provides quality education that focuses on excellence, innovation, and being a model for other schools. Equipped with the best teachers, curriculum, and technology, our students are receiving one-of-a-kind opportunities to develop and thrive academically. We invite you to join us in investing in the futures of our students and developing the next generation of leaders and visionaries in Nicaragua.

If you would like to sponsor by check or cash, please call Tessa at the Amigos for Christ office at 770-614-9250.

What is the Amigos Academy Scholarship Program?

School enrollment has increased from 30 students in 2014 to 192 students that currently attend the Amigos Academy. Through the new Amigos Academy Scholarship Program, we provide sponsorship opportunities to support the education of each student. We are partners, walking juntos with each parent, student, family, and teacher as they dream of transforming the future.



Your sponsorship of $50/month provides a portion of one student’s tuition at the Amigos Academy, giving access to educational enrichment programs, physical and mental health services, school supplies, teacher salaries, and innovative curriculum and teaching resources. By supporting a student’s education, you can change the trajectory of a family’s future for generations to come.


192 students from Pre-K to 6th grade arrive at the Amigos Academy every day with eager and inquisitive minds. These students are committed to striving for excellence in all that they do, from their academic pursuits to their character development. Their futures are bright and they are committed to making the most of every opportunity that God blesses them with.


Parents and families are committed to supporting their child’s overall success. Amigos Academy parents participate in community service hours, attend regular parent-teacher meetings, invest in their child’s education by providing uniforms and basic school supplies, and learn new educational strategies to help their children at home.

The Amigos Academy

The Amigos Academy is committed to being a model for elite and transformative education through innovative educational strategies, specific and replicable models, and integral academic excellence. Our dream is to educate with excellence, engage and empower families, inspire communities, and transform Chinandega.

Why sponsor a student?

  • You will have a direct and significant impact on the life of a student and their family.  
  • You will have the opportunity to develop a relationship and see the impact of your generosity through contact with your student.  
  • You can personally meet and visit your student if you join us on a mission trip!  

If you would like to sponsor by check or cash, please call Tessa at the Amigos for Christ office at 770-614-9250.

The History of the Amigos Academy

The Amigos Academy began as parents’ dream to simply to have a building for their children to attend school. For years, students gathered under a plastic tarp, but intense rainy seasons destroyed the learning environment and left the community of La Chuscada without reliable access to education. 

In 2015, the community partnered with Amigos to build a temporary wooden school. Students attended this school for a few years, but the community dreamed even bigger.  In 2016, construction of a modern school began, and in 2018 the Amigos Academy began serving children ages 3-12 years. In 2021, the Amigos Academy opened its doors for the first time as a private institution providing an elite education. Learn more about the Amigos Academy story here!

The Impact of The Amigos Academy

  • 99.8% student attendance
  • Students maintain an average grade of 90%
  • 33 teacher and staff trainings
  • 99% of families participating in school activities/trainings
  • 100% of kids moving on to secondary school

If you would like to sponsor by check or cash, please call Tessa at the Amigos for Christ office at 770-614-9250.