Creative Director. Joey works alongside a group of very talented and creative individuals. Together, they ensure that the Amigos Family is up-to-date, informed, and inspired by all the good stuff that's happening in Nicaragua.

Why Amigos for Christ

For our 25th anniversary, we asked our Amigos Family what they love about Amigos and why they keep coming back. Their answers remind us why we do what we do.

We would not be celebrating 25 years without all of you, the Amigos Family, behind us. Thank you for being a part of everything we do. 

Here’s to 25 more years!

Hey Kristin, why do YOU love Amigos?

Leydin is a light of transformation.

Why do you believe in the work that we do?
I believe a lot in what Amigos does because we are a bridge of blessing for families living in rural Nicaragua, and also a blessing for each person who works for our organization. In the Amigos Family, we know that we are a light of transformation. That’s why I believe in the work that we do.

Hey Leydin, why do you believe in our mission to make Christ more visible?
I believe in the mission of Amigos because I feel that I am a creation of God and I am here to serve and help other people with the love and service from God, both in the communities and within one’s own family, to be able to transform and change the life of each person.


Why do you keep working at Amigos?
I continue working at Amigos because I love my job. I know that it is a blessing for my life, for my family. In addition to that, I like to help people and be part of the Amigos Family, sharing and enjoying in moments together. Work is a blessing that God gives to each of us here in this world.

Patty is in for the long haul!

Todd Wright
-Suwanee, GA

Hey Todd, why are you involved with Amigos?

I really love being involved with Amigos for Christ and interacting with kids who take great joy in playing with a balloon or a ball of any kind and who just like hanging out with the old guy who doesn’t speak their language and can’t roll his rr’s. I continue to come back to Nicaragua and to lead groups so that they can see what I see in Amigos for Christ – an amazing organization doing God’s work and making Christ visible. I hope that what they do rubs off on me each year and I can make it 51 more weeks trying to live life the way they do. Thank you for all you do Amigos I do appreciate you!

Families from rural Nicaraguan communities.

Laura has a servant's heart.

Why do you keep working here?

I continue working here at Amigos because I truly believe in the mission we have and also because I love being part of something that is truly bigger than me.

Hey Laura, why do you believe in what we do?
I believe in the mission of Amigos, to serve so that Christ is more visible, because in all the years that I have worked and served here in the organization, I have seen a lot of change and a lot of transformation. Through that mission in action, I’ve seen transformation in the communities, in the people who work here, with me, my colleagues, and also in the people who come to visit.

Dr. Scott True from Cincinnati

Dr. Scott True from Cincinnati worked alongside doctors in the local hospital to do some of the first knee and hip replacements in Chinandega. That was over a decade ago! Listen to his words on why he keeps coming back.

Luis lives out Amigos' mission.

Hey Luis, why do you believe in Amigos’ mission?
I believe in our mission of making Christ more visible because we make Him more visible through our actions. Actions of service are what allow us to show the face of Jesus and continue in his steps.

Why do you stay with Amigos?
I have stayed with Amigos all these years because I live what our mission is. I identify with everything we do here. I really like how we are trying to support so many people to change their lives.

Jake Armentrout from Cincinnati

Patricia loves what she does.

Hey Patricia, why do you believe in the mission of Amigos?
Because serving the people who visit us, the people of the communities, that’s how we make Christ more visible, with our acts of service.
Why do you continue working for Amigos?
Because I like it, I am in love with my work and I like what I do and, above all, I do it with a lot of love. I faithfully believe in what Amigos does, because I have seen it, because I have lived it, the way they serve people and build connections with people, with families, with visiting volunteers and in communities.

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