Life Juntos

Who We Are

At Amigos for Christ, we are a team that works juntos (together). Juntos is what drives us, what defines us. It’s each and every team member coming together from different corners of the world to say yes to the call to serve. We trust that we’re all doing the best we can to serve and love others the long way, trying to make Christ more visible in all that we do.

The strength of our team comes from knowing that God has entrusted every one of us with unique gifts. It’s when we share those gifts with others, and they do the same, that the true transformation grows legs and moves amongst us. Juntos, thankfully, doesn’t promise perfection but it does promise commitment and trust. Our team is committed to being ourselves and celebrating what we become when we come together.

Why Join Us

Here at Amigos, we believe work should be a place where you can invest all of who you are to meet the world’s greatest needs at hand. This way, you realize your personal purpose and the organization can continue to grow. Amigos is a place where we prioritize people over progress. This is a place where you can build a career that’s more than a job, and where you can bridge what you do and why it matters. 

Our whole team, from accounting to community and agriculture and farming to education, works day-in and day-out to make Christ more visible. We’re called to make people feel important, because that’s what Jesus did. 

Hear From Our Team

Nicaragua has transformed me, returning me to myself in so many ways. What comes most urgently to my mind is the expression of gratitude. No matter the circumstance, the time of day, or the topic at hand, prayers in Nicaragua are opened with: ‘Thank you God for another day of life.’ It’s this very gratitude that has created a new filter over my mind and heart over the past almost decade of life in Nicaragua.

– Danny Duggan, COO, 2014-Present


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I saw an organization with a strong sense of community, a community resembling a family. I saw an organization that develops leaders and encourages personal and professional growth for all of its members, no matter their role or position. I prayed and hoped that one day I would have the same feeling at my job. Now I am the newest member on the US Office Administration Team!”

Denisse Morgado, Director of US Finances & Accounting


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Our organizational culture sets us apart and drives us. We are united by a mission to make the hope, love, and example of Jesus more visible to everyone we come in contact with. This is our common ground, our starting and ending. I am most thankful for the deep connection and sense of family that our culture creates within our team. This is why I’ve stuck around for 16 years. I can’t imagine a greater group of people to be surrounded by, or a greater mission to guide us.”

-Kristin Sutton, CEO, 2005-Present


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“It is amazing when we see big picture progress happen. It’s a gift that thousands of people are served each year, water systems are built, leadership trainings are held, and crops are harvested. But for me, our work matters because of the one. Work is meaningful and worth it if just one life is transformed. Today’s work matters because a young man named Elder is encouraged and inspired to continue his education. It doesn’t end there. Elder isn’t the only one…”
Morgan Coil, Director of Advancement, 2018-Present 
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In bringing me to Nicaragua, God fixed my priorities and fulfilled my desires. Now, instead of treading water each day with the pressure of peoples’ expectations pulling me down, I walk in the freedom and peace of knowing that there is only One that is worthy of pleasing. This singular focus invigorates me to try to be obedient to His word each day.”
Anna Walker, Communications, 2020-2022
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My work in Nicaragua at Amigos for Christ shaped me and helped me mature into who I am today. Because of the experiences I had, the freedom I was given, and the way I was treated as a team member, I now see the world through a different lens and have more confidence in my personal and professional life.”
Joey McGinn, Creative Director, 2008-Present

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Nicaragua has taught me a very important lesson over the past 5 years: Focus on similarities and not differences. It is easy and tempting in a different culture to see all the things that the new culture does “wrong.”  However, it is so much more beautiful to look for the similarities that we all have as people. Then you realize you are surrounded by community.”
Laura Myers, Communications and Gratitude, 2016-Present
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