Leaders in Action

Scholarship Program

Amigos for Christ provides scholarship opportunities to students in rural Chinandega through formal partnerships with the best high schools and universities in Nicaragua. Students who receive scholarships through the Leaders in Action Scholarship Program also participate in development opportunities provided by the Amigos team. Our young Leaders participate in leadership activities and retreats and put their skills into action through community service and mentorship projects. Our hope is that by the time students graduate, they will have not only acquired the knowledge and skills for their chosen professions, but also have been inspired to become leaders in their families and communities.

Why is this program so important?

Most students in rural Nicaragua do not continue to study past the 6th grade. If they do choose to stay in school, the barriers to attending quality high schools and universities are significant. Through Leaders in Action, the obstacles of tuition, transportation, and supplies are removed, and students gain access to the best schools in the area.

2024 Goals

Why should I become a sponsor?

By sponsoring a student through Leaders in Action, you have an opportunity to have a direct and significant impact on the life of a student and their family. Many of our Young Leaders are the first in their families to graduate high school and attend university. You can change the trajectory of a family’s future for generations to come by supporting a student’s education.   Even better, you get to see the life transformation through regular contact with your student. Many of our sponsors know their students personally, having met on mission trips. Those who unable to join us in person receive contacts and updates throughout the year, and they have opportunities to communicate with their students as well!

Support our Students

You can support our students by covering the cost of their books or by sending them to the leadership training or the retreats organized by the Leaders in Action team. If you are a current student sponsor, your additional contribution will benefit your student.

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