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Communications Coordinator. Anna joined Amigos for Christ in 2020. She loves the mission of Amigos, and as part of the communications team, she seeks to follow Jesus’ perfect example of service so that His love and power become more visible. Being blessed as part of the Amigos Familia, Anna views it as a privilege to bring joy to Nicaraguan neighbors for the glory of her loving Savior.

What Even is a Bright Spot?

Working at Amigos for Christ, I have the privilege of being inspired by incredible people on a regular basis. I hear my fellow team members say, “Oh they are total Bright Spots!” or, “Oh yes, that family is definitely a Bright Spot in their community.” As a new missionary at Amigos, at times I wonder, 

“What even is a Bright Spot?” 

Well, that is until I met Luis Enrique Sanchez Rodriquez and his beautiful wife Efejinia Epifania Altamiro. The moment I met them, saw their welcoming and generous smiles, and felt the genuine embrace of their hugs, I knew without a doubt: 

They are Bright Spots. 

Don Luis and Doña Efejinia live in the community of La Danta, and they are leading the way toward change and transformation among their family and fellow community members. Don Luis and Doña Efejinia have La Danta’s FIRST clean-air kitchen, setting an incredible example for family and friends.

How we view things drives how and why we do things. We all have a choice to make in hard moments. Some people might view hardship as something to be endured, while others view it as an opportunity to change and grow. We either take a defiant stance, or we embrace change. Despite being advanced in years, Don Luis and Doña Efejinia have the courage to take the leap and embrace change.  

Don Luis and Doña Efejinia understand that only through change, can beauty unfold. They understand that change is confusing, difficult, and a lot of work. Being in their 70’s, I imagine that the temptation is to choose to simply endure, to be complacent with how things have been for their whole lives. Instead, Don Luis and Doña Efejinia place value on those around them. They see the big picture, and they understand that changes made today will transform the lives of generations to come. Their perspective and values have clearly shaped and inspired their son, as he works on a community leadership committee. Don Luis and Doña Efejinia’s grandchildren see adults in their lives choosing change and courage each day, inspiring them to dream and hope as well.  

With their family, community, and future generations in mind, Don Luis and Doña Efejinia excitedly use their new kitchen and continue to be models for change, inspiring others, and earning them the title of TOTAL Bright Spots! 

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