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A Life Change for the Future

When Leonel de Jesus Orozco arrived in the community of Espabel for the first time, there was no water. His daughter had to walk more than two kilometers to collect water so that her father could drink after a long day working in the fields.

As a result of limited access to clean water, Leonel began to suffer from chronic diseases. The difficult conditions and lack of economic opportunity in his community forced Leonel to walk miles away from his home to work, further exacerbating his need for hydration.

"I worked hours each day in the hot sun, and I could not get enough water to hydrate and replenish my body. My daughter had to walk for several hours to bring me water in the fields. Even then, I frequently got sick because the water was contaminated. One time, I did not have the energy to get up for many months."


Now, thanks to a partnership with Amigos for Christ that brought clean water to the community of El Espabel,  Leonel and his family have an abundance of water to drink, cook, and complete household chores.

“The doctor recommended that I should drink a lot of water and eat healthy because of my chronic illnesses. Thank God, I’m doing better now, and I am excited that my daughter, who used to bring me water, can enjoy the new water system as well.”

Leonel’s family has been involved in the clean water project for two months now. They also just received their life-transforming modern bathroom. This humble husband, father, and grandfather is happy to share that his health is improving, and that his home has a stream of clean water to drink whenever it is needed.

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