The Rancho
Chief People Officer. Danny and the leaders of Amigos work to leverage the individual and collective purpose of the Amigos Team to achieve our organizational goals through clear vision and strategy, effective operations, and continuous development of organizational culture. What drives him is the desire to transform the people who are transforming the world.

Together We Are Transforming The World


Woven within the 6 letters that make up this beautiful, powerful Spanish word are stories of personal transformation, stories of triumph, and stories of hope, born from the belief that:

together we are transforming the world. 

 Amigos is the synergy that is created by amazing people who come together each day, saying “yes” to the call to dream boldly and serve to make those dreams become a reality. 

Each day, our team arrives at Amigos shortly after the sun has risen over the beautiful San Cristobal volcano, nestled into the backdrop of Chinandega. We arrive with the determination to work to see true change happen. It is a belief and desire so deep within us that it has become a part of our very being.

Beyond our desire to see a better tomorrow, we experience joy in knowing that we have worked together to create a thin space, a space where heaven and earth are so close that all that remains is a thin space.

The Amigos Culture

At Amigos for Christ, we understand that the strength of our team comes from knowing that God has entrusted every one of us with unique gifts. It’s when we share those gifts with others, and they do the same with us, that the true transformation grows legs and moves amongst us.

Our organizational culture is created by learning the best from each other. We learn how to get up in front of a group of people and inspire them, how to sit quietly with a family that has just lost a loved one and comfort them, how to help a scholarship student set goals for their future to be able to land their first job, how to work alongside a rural farmer to harvest pitahaya for the first time. We celebrate these successes and find joy in seeing our team members excel doing what they do best.

A Profound Purpose in Our Lives


Juntos reminds us that we are never alone, and that our beautiful world is actually working to bring us closer together.

Juntos calls us to dig deep within ourselves to be able to name that “something” that we have been uniquely given, and juntos calls each of us to share that same “something” with the world.

Within J-U-N-T-O-S there is a space for everyone; there is room for each and every person to find belonging and discover a profound purpose for their lives.

Together We Are More

I sit in complete awe thinking of the different paths that led our team to each other and to become Amigos. Each of us, from different corners of the world, trusts in the good that our world offers. We trust to love the long way, and we trust to try, fail, and learn to do it better next time.

Juntos, thankfully, doesn’t promise perfection, but it does promise commitment and trust. Our Amigos Team is committed to being ourselves and celebrating what we become when we come together. Together we are more, juntos somos más.

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