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Making Dreams Possible

Gloria Elena and her husband live in the community of Rincon de Garcia, and they are proud participants in the Amigos for Christ Microcredit Loan Program. In 2018, Gloria applied to receive her first microcredit loan from Amigos in hopes of buying a cow. After seeing almost immediate success, Gloria applied for another loan with the goal of opening her own store. Years later, her family continues to enjoy the flourishing results of that courageous first step.


Through the Microcredit Loan Program, Amigos for Christ strives to assist rural families who are interested in investing in their own small agricultural businesses. Amigos provides low-interest loans, superior materials, and technical assistance. Throughout the five cycles, the families are required to open a savings account and deposit at least 20% of their net income. In addition, the interest they pay on each loan is returned to them at the end of the five cycles as a “match” to their own savings account. Ultimately, the goal is for each family to become financially stable enough to manage their business independently. With that kind of stability, families can transform from merely surviving to thriving.

"Gracias a Dios, we managed to pay back my first loan. I applied for another one, and we slowly began to save money. We bought a refrigerator, and, with help from the second loan, opened a small grocery store. This store has allowed us to provide accessible products to families living in this rural area that they did not have before."

Gloria explains that the business continues to progress and improve. She has reduced expenses and risks by buying her product in bulk in the city. She continues to build client base by advertising and word of mouth. Gloria and her family have been very faithful and responsible, paying at the end of each cycle. She states that by the end of this cycle, she will be completely debt-free. Gloria is excited to continue running her business independently, and she looks forward to the opportunity to teach what she has learned to her children and neighbors.

"I thank God for the blessings that I obtained directly from the Amigos for Christ microcredit loans. Amigos has been such a gift to me, my family, and my community. Through their programs and support, we have grown so much. The Community Advocates have been in constant contact with us, and they answered questions every step of the way. We are very thankful.”

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