From leading our team in worship with his incredible musical talent, to planning and designing new water systems, Chico plays an integral role in the Amigos Family.

Bright Spots Everywhere

Bright Spots are everywhere. There is always a person who has had a positive impact in each of our lives.

For me, this person was an American mission trip participant named Iris. I met Iris when she served in Nicaragua in 2011. She radiated God’s love, and her passion for serving others inspired me to do the same. Through meeting her, I began working at Amigos for Christ. Currently, I work as a project manager, making budgets, perfecting designs, and guiding teams through the construction of Modern Bathrooms.



I have the privilege of seeing families transformed when they receive their Modern Bathroom. Of course, families’ physical health and hygiene improve drastically, but I’ve found that meeting people from missionary groups is the most impactful for them. Meeting people that have left their homes, their country, and their comforts to come and serve. Families see missionaries investing their time, money, and efforts, and they feel important and worthy. This is how Jesus made people feel.



In your jobs, families, and towns, I encourage you to be a Bright Spot for people this week. Your light makes Christ More Visible.

Come Serve With Us!

Join us on a mission trip!

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