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Change is Hard, Not Impossible

Oscar Hernandez is a dreamer, farmer, and teacher.

 He lives in the community of Valle los Morenos, where he has cultivated his small parcel of land into a successful farm with grains, vegetables, and dragonfruit. Oscar’s farm has become a model for other farmers in the community who are inspired by Oscar’s success to increase their own production. For Oscar, the transformation begins in his own home.

"Change is hard, but not impossible. For example, my wife and I saved money so that we could purchase a Clean Air Kitchen and a Modern Bathroom. We encourage the other families to invest in their futures like we did, so they can be healthy and work.”

Julissa Cajina, a member of Valle los Morenos’ Education Committee, shared her perspective. “Our community has been abundantly blessed. First, we received water, and then we became beneficiaries of other Amigos for Christ projects. Amigos’ presence here became a beacon of hope for us. Oscar was a part of leading that. He has always been a role model in our community. Now it’s time for all of us to work together, to make sure that beacon doesn’t fade out.” 

Oscar is not the kind of guy who flies under the radar. Anyone who visits Valle los Morenos is bound to hear about Oscar, whose personality and concern for others are admired by all. “Most of us strive to be like Oscar,” Julissa continues. “He’s a fighter. He has a big heart, and he motivates us to share a vision for our community.” 

Oscar says the positive change that has occurred in his community is all thanks to the community uniting with a shared vision. “When we work together, we are truly capable of more,” he says with a wide smile. “Before, we were a community without a voice. Now our vision for a better community is clear, and I am certain that we have a bright future ahead of us.” 

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