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Gratitude Coordinator. Sabrina has been a part of the Amigos story since it began, and she is truly grateful that she is able to tell the story of impact to our family with photographs, videos, stories, and art. Though trained as a nurse, she believes her work now is the same- she can bring healing and hope into people’s lives by allowing them to see their involvement in Amigos as God does – with deep joy that they are bringing about the Kingdom here and now for families in Nicaragua.

Inspired Beyond Years

Napoleon Mendoza is only 28 years old, but when he received the opportunity to be a leader in his community, he jumped to take it. “When the Amigos leadership training team explained how we could lead our community towards change, I knew it would be difficult. Organizing and coordinating different types of people with different personalities intimidated me. However, I stayed until the end of the meeting because I really wanted us to take advantage of the opportunity!”

Although younger than many of the other leaders from La Grecia, Napoleon’s role has been crucial in the community’s progress. He helped organize the construction of their water system, and he encouraged community members to start small businesses.  Now, modern bathrooms are being constructed in the community. 

It is rare to find a young leader like Napoleon, someone who can see the limitless potential of the community. “I want my legacy to be a vision of the future, of what our community can become.”

When asked about his greatest challenge as a leader, he was quick to respond: “Communication! I never realized how hard communication can be. I have learned a lot from the Amigos team about how to communicate with and motivate people towards a common goal. It’s helped a lot, especially because it can be hard for people to trust and follow a young leader."

As for his personal dreams? Napoleon’s desire for his life is familiar to all of us. “I want a better life for my family, especially for my four siblings that live with me. I love that my grandmother laughs with joy when we turn on the running water, but I don’t want to stop there.  I want to be healthy and happy, and I want to leave a legacy of opportunity for my family.”

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