Our Young Leaders Need YOU

September 29, 2020

Education Transforms Lives

By supporting Young Leaders in Action, you are directly changing lives and making an impact that will last for years to come. We hope that you understand the importance of your generosity and that everytime you hear from us and from your student, that you swell with pride and purpose knowing that you are transforming the future of Nicaragua through your student.

With your help, we are able to not only support school costs, but to deliver a comprehensive program that provides academic support, character and personal development, as well as social and spiritual growth opportunities.

We are always looking for folks who want to increase their impact by getting involved with other areas of the Young Leaders in Action program in addition to individual sponsorship. To give an additional gift to help provide these opportunities, click here.

Thank you for changing lives!

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Our Program Areas:

The Young Leaders in Action teams works closely with schools and families to monitor and assist in the academic successes of each scholarship student. Our program leaders meet with school staff to discuss progress of students as well as connecting students with resources as needed.

Because additional school costs can be burdensome for a family, Amigos offers financial support with books, registration fees, transportation costs, school supplies and other related fees.

We want our Young Leaders to be well rounded students who are Bright Spots in their schools and communities. Throughout the year, our team meets with students monthly to offer workshops about everything from values to communication skills to organization and study strategies.

Support in this area will help with didactic materials and resources, supplies for activities and meetings, printing costs, technology needs, and refreshments.

Jesus is at the center of everything we do with our Young Leaders. We want them to know God and to know how wonderful He has created them to be. While scripture and prayer are incorporated in everything that we do with the students, we also take time out each year for a retreat. This retreat always proves to be very impactful and gives them a chance to connect with their peers and with God.

Retreat costs are minimal for students in order to keep costs from being a barrier. Gifts in this area help us to cover lodging, food, transportation, session materials and supplies and support staff costs.