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Business for Transformation. For over 10 years within Amigos, Magdiel's focus has always been on one main goal: finding the light in others and drawing it out through his patience, encouragement and positivity. By making people feel heard and known, he helps them to see the amazing purpose God has for them, while casting the vision for them to reach it.

You Won’t Succeed If You Never Try

Meet one of the newest beneficiaries of the Amigos pig farm project.

Francisco grew up in the community of Valle los Morenos, and he has a great love for his home. Currently, Francisco lives with his wife Maria Jose and Marisela their daughter. Melvin, his older son, who works with him at his farm lives just down the road with his family.

Francisco has always had passion for business and everything that is related with farming, he always wanted to operate a successful farm. Before partnering with Amigos, he tried many different methods, crops, and investments on their small farm, but they always only  earned just enough to survive.

Francisco has even attempted to raise pigs in the past, but it was never sustainable, 

"in the past, my mindset for raising pigs was simply to provide food for my own family. I never dreamed of raising pigs for economic gain"

recently he received a batch of piglets in January he also  received technical assistance, financial investment, and business training throughout the process.

he  eagerly shares with excitement explaining how their lives have been transforming since joining the Amigos pig project. They just received 25 piglets to raise and sell over the next 5 months in the form of meat or for breeding. Their farm now has a structured process, complete with goals, assistance, and counseling from Amigos Community Advocates.

Currently, Francisco and his son Melvin are investing most of their time and resources raising those pigs. Amigos has a network of buyers, and that partnership has opened new options for farmers to sell their pigs throughout Chinandega and beyond.

Before joining the pig project, their mentality was work and produce just enough to survive, but now their mentality has changed. Now, Francisco and Melvin are both excited to produce to provide for their families and thrive in their community.

He also shares that, for the first time, they have hope for the future. 

"The project has given our family an opportunity to come together and work in a family business towards a common goal, Our income has increased, but I can also see how this will positively affect our children and future generations”,  


1 Manzana

if you are interesting to know more about the one Manzana project

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