Education Director of the Amigos Academy. Nic has taught in many types of schools across the United States and now has the immense blessing to bring his experience to the beautiful community of La Chuscada.

Back to School!

The buzz of anxious anticipation and excitement, punctuated by the wails of homesick preschoolers, hovered like fog in the brisk morning air. As the students descended from the bus, either wide-smiled or teary-eyed, it was evident that this first day of school felt different than the rest. And as the almost 200 students hurried into the brand-new, Amigos-grade cafeteria to eat breakfast, the magnitude of this day became real. Even if the results won’t be fully realized for many years….

Class is in session at The Amigos for Christ Academy.

Many words come to mind in trying to describe the emotion wrapped into day one. The word “proud” comes to mind. Proud of the team that dutifully and ardently prepared the school and grounds for the first day of class. “Elated” comes to mind as well. Elated to finally meet the students and parents that we set out to serve many months ago. “Anxious.” Anxious because as any parent or educator knows, there is an element of, “Are we ready for this?” And most importantly, “inspired.” Inspired by the parents who trusted us and enrolled their children, by the teachers who painted, planned, and printed in preparation, by the many offerings and prayers from all parts of the world, and by the Amigos Team who helped prepare us every step of the way for this momentous occasion. 

So, what does it means that these students have access to an Amigos-infused, world-class education?

 It would be impossible to know, and it would also be impossible to dream too big. On Monday entered the future teachers, business owners, nurses, chefs, doctors, moms and dads, engineers, pilots, and city planners of Nicaragua and the world. We called them preschoolers, second grades, Juancito, Ana Patricia, Jorleny, and Santiago. They entered with grand smiles, comically small backpacks, and the cutest uniforms north of the equator. They also entered with the hopes and dreams of their parents, brothers, and neighbors, and most importantly, their own aspirations and talents that God has placed on their hearts and in their minds. 

Thank you for sharing this transformational journey with us. 

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