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Never Doubt Your Impact

I’m often shocked by the humility that some people embody. I see people doing amazing things and having incredible impact all while maintaining a posture and presence that seem to say “no big deal.” I find myself amazed at some of these folks since I often get to see the depth of their touch and the wideness of their reach in front of my very eyes in my life here in Nicaragua.

God moves through people in the most powerful ways, even when they don’t realize it. I recently met someone who is living out selfless service and generous love in a way that repeatedly brought tears to my eyes during the week that I was with her. She is humble to the degree that I know she would not want me to use her name. Let’s call her Katherine.

I have the privilege of working with Leaders in Action, our scholarship program. I met Katherine recently while introducing her to some of the scholarship students that she sponsors. Over the years, she has sponsored more students than you could imagine, and she currently supports eight students. Eight young people who have access to a better education because of her. Eight young people who can pursue a future that they never dreamed of because of her. Eight families who are swelling with pride as they watch their sons and daughters soar because of her. Eight lives who are completely transformed because of her.

Here’s the truly shocking part. When I explained that the kids were desperate to meet her and wanted to spend time with her while she was in Nicaragua, she actually said, “No they don’t have to do that. They probably don’t want to take that time out of their day to see me.” I was blown away by her belief that she wasn’t important enough to “make the kids come.” I could not believe her unassuming thought that we should not “make the kids come.” I assured her that they absolutely wanted to meet her in person, and she finally agreed, mentioning that she didn’t realize it was “such a big deal.” I told her she would see and feel how big of a deal it actually is when she met the kids.

As I expected, at dinner, several students had trouble fully introducing themselves because of large lumps in their throats that prevented them from expressing how much she meant to them. As they spent time getting to know her, asking her questions, sharing the details of their lives and laughing with her, I could feel her slowly absorbing the depth of her impact. As some of the students have been sponsored by her for 5 years, I could see her realizing that her selflessness has yielded transformation that came to life in front of her very eyes. It was truly something beautiful to watch. It was God using His willing servant to bring His kingdom to life here on Earth. It was a glimpse of Heaven.

I know we all left that night transformed. I know that the kids were changed by the opportunity to finally meet the person making their dreams come true. I know that she was changed by the reality of seeing her seemingly simple gesture of generosity come to life in front of her as 8 young people expressed their gratitude and deep love for her. I know that I left changed by seeing Heaven meet Earth in the form of generous love and holy humility.

No matter who you are and how you are a part of the Amigos family, please never ever underestimate the impact of your partnership. If you don’t believe me, just do what Katherine did. Come and see for yourself. We’ll be waiting with open and grateful arms.

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