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2021 Leaders in Action Graduates

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Thank you for supporting and encouraging our 2021 Leaders in Action graduates. We are thankful for the life transformation that has come through their education and the future of Nicaragua is brighter because of them!

Meet our University Graduates

Daysi Guadalupe Santamaria Lindo

University: University of Nicaragua in Leon

Degree: Social Work


Daysi has been a part of Leaders in Action since 2014, and she spent her final years in the program as a part of the Leaders Committee serving other scholarship students and providing them with the same experience she had in the program. She is grateful to her sponsors for their support and generosity over the years.

Michael Johan Izaguirre Moncada

University: University of Nicaragua in Somotillo

Degree: Accounting and Public Finance


Michael is honored to have been a part of Leader in Action and Puerto Impacto. His most treasured memory from the program was climbing Cerro Negro with his sponsor and other students in the program. He offers infinite thanks to his sponsor for the support that he has given him over the years.

Gema Judith Canales Mairena

University: Christian University of Nicaragua

Degree: Business Administration 


As the leader of the Leaders in Action program, Gema has worked tirelessly to create memories for each student. She has experienced so much growth as the leader of the program, and she looks forward to continuing to support young students in their pursuit of education.

Maynor Manuel Riveras López

University: Christian University of Nicaragua

Degree: Business Administration


Maynor is thankful for his sponsors and their support throughout the years, especially the encouragement they have given him to overcome obstacles and barriers. He desires to be a lifetime learner and always remember the gift that he has been given in his education.

Norvin josé Landero

University: National Engineering University

Degree: Industrial Engineering 


Norvin has fond memories of being a part of the Leaders in Action program specifically the monthly meetings and getting to know the other scholarship students. He would like to thank his sponsor for her support and feels especially lucky to have known her personally.

Herendyra Nassdrim Sánches Tuckler

University: International Latin American University

Degree: Social Work


Herendyra is incredibly thankful to her sponsor for the support she has offered her to reach one of her biggest dreams of an education. After graduation, she wants to continue to grow professionally in her work as a Community Advocate at Amigos for Christ.

Learn more about one of our graduates!

Meet our High School Graduates

José Martin Casco Rocha

José is looking forward to studying Systems Engineering at the University of Commercial Sciences in Managua and wants to continue making his sponsors and his parents proud.

Jesús Agustin Campos Abrego
Jesús will begin his studies in Public Financing at the University of Commerical Sciences in Managua next year and is he excited to join the Amigos team as a volunteer and continue to learn about the professional work environment.
Kelly Milagros Hernandez Madriz
Kelly looks forward to pursuing a career in Nursing where she hopes to make her family and community proud by serving those in need.
Milagros Elizabeth Gonzalez Jirón
Milagros plans to start her college career studying Public Finance and Accounting at the University of Commercial Sciences and she looks forward to also serving as a volunteer with the Amigos team.
Wilmer Esteven Martínez Calix
Wilmer will be taking on the University of Commercial Sciences after graduating from high school and will be studying Business Administration with the hope of one day having his own business.
Walkiria Isabel Martinez Cuevas
Walkiria is excited to use the foundation of studies she received in high school to study Medicine and Pharmaceuticals with the dream of becoming a visiting physician who consults with pharmacists.
Alisson Edith Picado Flores

Alisson is thankful for her time so far in the Leaders in Action program and can’t wait to start studying Agrarian Engineering at the International University of Antonio de Valdivieso next year.

Mauricio Vicente Palacio Altamirano
After graduating from high school, Mauricio will begin his studies at the Independent University of Chinandega in Accounting and Public Finance.
Ruth Catalina Chavarria Leyton
Ruth will begin her studies of English at the University of Chinandega next year and her dream is to one day teach English.
Juan José López Ordoñez
Juan is looking forward to continuing his development as a young professional through his studies in Industrial Engineering at the University of Commerical Sciences.
Leonardo José Saavedra Reyes
Leonardo has enjoyed the opportunities given to him through the Leaders in Action program and looks forward to continuing his studies in Industrial Engineering at the technical University of LaSalle in Leon.
Jorge Alberto Hurtado Sequeira
Jorge is thankful for the perspective that his sponsors have given him on the impact one person can have on another and is excited to start his studies of Medicine at the National University in Leon next year.
José Gabriel Pérez Bustamante
José is proud of his graduation from high school and is thankful to his sponsors for giving him the opportunity to study at a great high school and participate in the Leaders in Action program.
Bayron Julian Briones Lago
Bayron looks forward to studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Commerical Sciences in Managua and is grateful to have had the opportunity to meet his sponsor in person.
Nesley Stick Montiel Torrez
Nesley hopes to study Medicine at the National University of Nicaragua in Leon and dreams of specializing in Surgery and Oncology.
Luis Anderson Dávila Osejo
Luis is thankful for the amazing opportunity that he has had as part of the Leaders in Action program and is grateful to his sponsor for everything.
Edicsia Marbeli Gómez Aguilera
Edicsia has enjoyed serving others during her time in the Leaders in Action program and next year will begin her college career at the National University of Nicaragua studying International Relations.

We are proud to have 23 graduates from our Leaders in Action Program!

Thank you for encouraging students in Nicaragua and helping them to experience life transformation through education. If you are interested in supporting the dreams of more students in Nicaragua, you can sponsor a student or support the Leaders in Action Program.

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