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Chief Storyteller. You can usually find Ivi with a big smile on her face and a camera in her hand. She is passionate about telling stories of transformation and loves being a part of all the good happening here in Nicaragua.

How Leaders in Action Transformed My Life

Throughout our lives, we are given the opportunity to meet people who inspire us, who just make us feel blessed to be part of their lives. At Amigos, we are proud to say that these opportunities are not few and far in between when it comes to the people we serve. One of the greatest joys of working for a non-profit is being able to share the stories of these incredible people who give us great hope for the future.

We met Michael when he was in his last year of high school as he was applying to be a part of our Leaders in Action program. We were immediately struck by his kindness and humility, and the young man quickly won the hearts of everyone in the interview.

Little did Michael know at the time that the interview was just the beginning of a long journey of hope and life transformation through education. After graduating from high school, Michael’s dream of going to college came true when his sponsor generously funded his college studies. He decided to major in Public Accounting and Finance with hopes of supporting the development of his community one day. Michael never missed a day of class and always stood out as a good student. 

"I have always believed that people should take advantage of opportunities. They do not come very often, and that is why I always try to do my best to achieve my goals."

During his last year of college, Michael was invited to participate in service days in other communities, and he did not hesitate to say yes to the opportunity. He has an incredible desire to serve people and be part of something important.

Michael's Life Today

Today, Michael is a proud graduate, and his future is bright.

“Although my time in the Leaders in Action program is over, I am eager to take what I learned and put it into practice. I am blessed to have had very beautiful experiences and moments that I will carry with me in my mind and in my heart. People trusted me and poured into me, and because of their faith in me, I can start a new path. Now, the opportunity exists for other students, just like me, to fulfill their dreams of having a quality education and a bright future.

Today, 22-year-old Michael is working as a professional intern at a port company. This is just the beginning of more opportunities for Michael. If one thing is certain, it is that a quality education can transform lives, just as it did for our friend Michael.  

Leaders In Action

Investing in the Future

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