Hope For a New Normal

Santos and Angela Soriano are ambitious, warm, and hopeful people from the community of El Chaparral. After living in El Chaparral for over 50 years, they have become prominent members of their community. During a visit with the family, the warm sounds of children laughing and playing echo in the background. When asked, Don Santos’ smile widens as he proudly states that he has 8 children and 20 grandchildren. He explains that one of his sons is even a member of the Community Leadership Committee. His pride for his family is written plainly on his face.

We Never Stop Learning and Leading

Oscar is a quintessential patriarch. He is humbly grateful and typically proud of his family all at once. He lives close to almost all of his children, and grandchildren meander in and out of his house during the interview. During the 2 years that he has worked with Amigos, trust has been formed, and so […]