“This annual report is filled with the ways that God is working in all things, weaving together stories of transformation that boast of His goodness.”

"In all things

God works for the good of those who love Him."

Dear Amigos Family,

The future is bright in Nicaragua. The smiles next to me in the picture belong to the next teachers, engineers, and medical professionals of Nicaragua. You can see the excitement and confidence in their eyes. They’ll also be future parents, mentors, and leaders. I can’t help but think that only a handful of years ago their community was given access to clean water and sanitation. They were all babies. What a different path they would be on if those first steps of transformation never happened. Now, they spend their days at a school where they not only learn academic subjects, but they also learn of their great worth and potential.

Paul writes in his letter to the Romans that “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.” We see this all around us in Chinandega. Just like these motivated students, we also see empowered families, enthusiastic small-business owners, and hard-working communities. We see dreams becoming reality, and the hopelessness of poverty left behind. And we see you, our faithful Amigos Family, always showing up and reaching out through your presence and generosity. This annual report is filled with the ways that God is working in all things, weaving together stories of transformation that boast of His goodness.

It wouldn’t be possible without you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for walking alongside our team as we continue this journey to see a transformed Nicaragua. The best is yet to come.


Kristin Sutton

- 2023 Community Development -

Connection in all things

We walk shoulder-to-shoulder with communities as they step into a new future together. Our model connects leadership, water, health, education, and economic development to power life transformation.

4,165 more people have clean, running water in their homes.

A total of 23,705 lives have
been transformed through clean
water systems in Chinandega.

290 families ended the cycle of parasites and disease thanks to their new Modern Bathrooms built in partnership with Amigos.

200 families eliminated respiratory illness by replacing their open flame stove with a Clean Air Kitchen.

In 2023, our Community Advocates completed 11,767 home visits that
focused on leadership, water and sanitation, healthy habits, education, and economic development to 1,600 families in 20 rural communities.

Stories of Transformation

Abundant Generosity

In October, 100 leaders from eight Plan 7 communities decided to share an afternoon under the thatched roof of the Amigos’ Rancho. They shared their accomplishments, their struggles, and – like any good meeting – great food!

These leaders have been agents of change for their respective communities. Many participated in the early conversations with Amigos about their dreams for the future: clean water; opportunities for their children; healthy, purposeful lives.

For many of these leaders, those early conversations were challenging. We heard over and over, “We feel like a forgotten community.” But things have changed since then.
Ileana from El Manzanillo was so excited about this meeting. “We were able

to take stock of all the progress we’ve made! It’s so important to connect with other communities, especially the ones who have been partnered with Amigos longer than we have. These conversations help us to put knowledge into practice, so we can help our communities continue to grow.”

Leaders like Ileana have dedicated their time, energy, and God-given gifts to serve on committees that pave the way for change. These communities that once felt forgotten now know abundance, and they generously share the fruits of opportunity.

- 2023 Youth Development -

Dreams in all things

We are committed to walking alongside the youth of Nicaragua as they pursue their dreams, become the next generation of leaders, and grow in their faith. We believe that the next generation will be transformed when they are provided access to opportunities, trusted mentors, and welcoming spaces in which to grow.

Through our scholarship programs, 377 students overcame the barriers of tuition, transportation, and the cost of school supplies in order to attend the best schools in Chinandega.

28 Leaders in Action scholarship students graduated from their programs in December.

64% of the graduates have already obtained employment in their fields.

154 young athletes became better players, leaders, and citizens through their time training at the Baseball Academy.

210 preschool and primary school students received a world-class education at the Amigos Academy, where the attendance rate was 99%.

Stories of Transformation

Dreams of Excellence

When we first met Jimmy, the children of La Chuscada gathered under a plastic tarp for school. Heavy rains were a consistent and significant barrier for students’ learning.

Years later, Jimmy witnessed the construction of Amigos Academy – from the foundations being laid to the last drop of paint on the Academy’s beautiful murals. He was a star student at the Academy, and when he graduated primary school, Jimmy received a secondary school scholarship through our Leaders in Action program – he excelled there, too.

“Anyone can get good grades. A leader shows people the way,” Jimmy told us.
When asked what motivates him to work hard and be a leader, Jimmy’s answer was simple: “My mother. And my father, who I know is watching me from Heaven.”
In December, Jimmy graduated from secondary school. Next, he’ll be studying civil engineering at one of the best engineering schools in Nicaragua.
“My dream of becoming a civil engineer started with the Amigos Academy. I saw all those people working to create a solid and welcoming structure for those of us who were learning there.”
With the support to pursue his dream, Jimmy is part of a generation of young people who will show people the way to a transformed Nicaragua.

- 2023 Economic Development -

Growth in all things

We provide small-business owners with the opportunities, resources, and expertise they need to create sustainable and debt-free enterprises that provide employment to local community members.


Small-business owners partnered with Amigos created a total of 200 jobs in their communities.

Small-business employees in the 1 Manzana program are earning an income 21% higher than the national average.

1 Manzana farmers harvested over 43 tons of fresh organic produce from their farms.

87% of this produce was sold to local businesses and individuals in Chinandega through AgroAmigos.
Amigos invested in 92 small- business owners to increase income, eliminate consumer debt, and provide employment to their communities. These small business owners received access to market, credit, and technical & financial training to grow their enterprises.

Stories of Transformation

Leading the Way

On a small farm surrounded by vast sugar cane fields, William continues to lead the charge of bringing transformation to the community of El Pedregal. Although he has always worked in agriculture, William often struggled with low profit margins in corn production. During harvest time, William had to get up before the sun, take his produce by bus to the local market, and then return to a full day of work that awaited him on the farm. He considered leaving Nicaragua to find opportunity elsewhere, but everything changed when William joined the 1 Manzana Project.

In recent months, William has become the star of the 1 Manzana Project. With the support of the team, he expanded his solar-powered irrigation system, built a greenhouse, and began developing his own organic fertilizer. He is now growing 16 unique products, including dragon
fruit and papaya, and that diversity of crops allows him to maintain a steady income. The AgroAmigos team comes to his farm to buy his products every week, so he has more time to dedicate to his work and family.
William is known for humbly receiving

feedback and using it to innovate in his business.
“This project is something new for me, but I am very excited to learn, little by little. I am always looking for the next opportunity to provide a better life for my family,” he says.

We want to celebrate you -


- and everything we did juntos in 2023.

shoulder to shoulder

In 2023, 905 volunteers from the US, Canada, and Nicaragua came to serve their brothers and sisters.

Trivia Night

Trivia with a Cause

Our Georgia Amigos came together for a really fun night of trivia, and it resulted in 25 more Amigos Academy scholarships.

Juntos Running Team

Running for Water

Our stateside Run Juntos crew ran the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinatti, raising $10,920 for clean water.

Todd leading his team on a trip to Nicaragua

Spreading the juntos spirit in the U.S.

12 Amigos Ambassadors, serving as volunteers all over the US, shared their love for Nicaragua by inviting new families, churches, schools, and businesses into this great big Amigos Family.

Listening Juntos

Our Amigos Family enjoyed 10 episodes in our 5th season of the “Amigos Means Family Podcast,” with special guests and heartfelt stories of the transformation happening in Nicaragua.

Students Helping Students

This third-grade class at Notre Dame Academy in Atlanta collected a massive haul of school supplies for the students at the Amigos Academy.

Working Together

Just weeks after completing their own water system, the leaders of San Benito traveled to the neighboring community of Carlos Fonseca to work alongside and encourage them as the community broke ground on their new water system.

- 2023 Financial Information -


transparency & Accountability

We strive to be a model organization, andwe promise to be great stewards of your generosity while always maintaining
complete financial transparency.

$5,095,235 in donated funds and $1,859,542 in goods and services were given by 2,263 generous donors whose support fuels Amigos for Christ’s mission in Nicaragua.


2023 total: $5,613,362

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2023 total: $5,594,732

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the amigos team

Over the last 24 years, our team has grown and now consists of a total of 177 dedicated employees who lead the advancement of our mission.
4 Stars

charity navigator

Charity Navigator awarded Amigos for Christ with the highest rating of 4 Stars for the eighth consecutive year.


Together we will serve more people than ever before with more people than ever before.

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