Annual Report

Perseverance, vision, and faith

Dear Amigos Family,


Transformation. It’s a change so profound that returning to the original state is unlikely or impossible. When a person experiences transformation, their life takes a path that never existed before. The power of transformation comes from within, fueled by perseverance, vision, and faith that God is working.

In the picture above, you see a snapshot of three transformed people taken at the Plan 7 graduation for the community of Valle Los Morenos in November 2022. Oscar Hernandez stands on the left. His wife, Rosa Reyes, stands on the right. Together, they were part of leading their community through a seven-year journey of transformation. Much has changed in the community, from clean water to thriving small businesses, but Rosa and Oscar most often reflect on their own personal transformation experience. They are empowered servant leaders shining a light in rural Nicaragua. I’m standing in the middle of this power couple, humbled and grateful to know Rosa and Oscar. Their story, and so many others, have transformed me. If you have made the trek to Nicaragua, you probably know what I mean. It’s like witnessing a miracle, seeing what God can do when people come together to serve one another.


Just like Rosa and Oscar’s story, the stories and impact of transformation that you will find on the pages of this annual report would not be possible without you. For every dollar you invest in our mission, every minute you spend volunteering, and every moment of prayer you offer, we are so grateful to be partnered with you. Amigos Family, thank you for making 2022 another great year.


Kristin Sutton


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Iris and Joey tell the stories behind the 2022 numbers


Every Family

The goal of Water for Chinandega is for every family in the department of Chinandega, Nicaragua to have access to clean water by 2035. Currently, over 100,000 people in Chinandega do not have access to clean water. We are committed to changing this reality so that families can live healthy, purpose-filled lives.
Clean water flowing in "La Danta-Manzanillo" for the first time.
The Nuñez Arriaza family enjoying clean water at their home in Manzanillo.

juntos we are more

While attempting to find a clean water source in La Danta Aserradores, the Amigos well-drilling team spent months striking saltwater due to the community’s proximity to the ocean. Despite the many setbacks, the idea of a shared system was proposed – a clean water well that could be dug in the neighboring community of El Manzanillo that would serve both communities, juntos. These two communities, united with one goal, came together and dug for miles, worked side by side as neighbors, and in the process, became one family. Community member Veronica Nuñez puts it perfectly when she says, “It is clear that God is in control, and He has a perfect plan for each one of us.” Amid trials, “La Danta-Manzanillo” trusted in God’s plan, and He demonstrated His goodness by providing clean water to two communities, more than doubling the impact of a single well!

IN 2022

7,232 more people have clean water

7,232 people in 9 different communities received or are on the journey to receiving clean, running water.

1,929 more family visits

Water for Chinandega Community Advocates visited 1,929 homes, casting vision and organizing community water projects in partnering communities.

346 more modern bathrooms

Communities in partnership with Amigos for Christ constructed 346 Modern Bathrooms, helping end the dangerous cycle of intestinal parasites and disease.  



Plan 7 is Amigos for Christ’s community development model that generates sustainable growth in rural Nicaraguan communities. This model is a 7-year partnership between Amigos for Christ and rural communities. In 2022, Amigos partnered with 20 communities serving 7,798 people in the areas of leadership, water, health, education, and economic development.
Heylin experiencing the health benefits of switching to a Clean Air Kitchen.
Neighboring community members delivering fruits and vegetables to Rancho Pando.

Love your neighbor

Due to a long and difficult dry season, the community of Rancho Pando was battling a severe drought that depleted their harvests and brought significant economic hardship. When other community leaders heard of Rancho Pando’s situation, they were determined to help. Working with Amigos Community Advocates, neighboring communities collected hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms to deliver to their friends in need. God’s faithfulness was on full display when they gave generously from what the Lord had provided for them. With this attitude of generosity, we know that Jesus’ love will continue to be shared and multiplied here in Chinandega.

IN 2022

3 plan 7 graduations

San Marcos de las Pilas, Valle los Morenos, and Miguel Cristiano all graduated from Plan 7. These communities now lead all their own projects and community development

94 more Clean Air Kitchens

94 Clean Air Kitchens were constructed, providing a smokeless stove and a sanitary food preparation area to families.

13,717 more family visits

26 Community Advocates conducted 13,717 family visits in 20 communities, building trust with families, conducting one-on-one trainings, and making progress toward Plan 7 goals.

more School Renovations

14 community schools underwent infrastructure renovations to create healthy and inspiring learning environments for 872 rural elementary school students.

more clean water

65% of community members received a “healthy” result on urine density tests. This represents an 11% positive increase from 2021 testing, meaning that families are drinking more clean water!

Healthier hygiene habits

77% of community members tested negative for pathogenic parasites. This represents a 13% reduction in parasites from 2021 testing, meaning that families are practicing healthy hygiene habits!


The Future

In Nicaragua, the average income is $1,800 per year, making it hard to survive, let alone thrive. Through the 1 Manzana Project, Microcredit Loan Program, and AgroAmigos, we partner with families, farmers, and small business owners to help them increase their income by 10% each year.

Marlene's newly-constructed neighborhood store.

God's perfect timing

Over the last two years, Marlene has overcome many obstacles to becoming part of the Microcredit Loan Program. When she first presented the business plan for her small neighborhood store, the Microcredit Committee did not think that she was quite ready. Fortunately, Marlene did not take that “no” as a reason to give up. She worked hard to develop her business plan, and the second time she requested a loan, Marlene was poised and spoke eloquently about her dreams for her business. She was granted the loan. If Marlene had given up, she would have missed the bounty that God has provided over the last few years. Marlene is now eager to speak of God’s faithfulness and His timing to her family and her beloved customers who visit her, expanding business daily.

IN 2022

22% increase in income

To date, 1 Manzana farmers have increased their annual income by 22% through the raising and selling of pigs. 

43 tons of organic pitaya

Farmers produced 32 different organic crops, with pitaya being the most successful, harvesting over 43 tons this year.

investing in business owners

Amigos invested in 79 rural farmers and small business owners to increase income, eliminate consumer debt, and provide employment to their communities.

reinvesting in local farmers

AgroAmigos generated over $46,000 in sales and processed over 2,944 fruit and veggie orders from local Chinandegan families and businesses to reinvest in rural farmers.


The Next Generation

In rural Nicaragua, 28% of elementary school-aged children are not enrolled in school, and only 55% of students graduate from the 6th grade. Through our Leaders in Action scholarship program, the Amigos Academy, and the Amigos Baseball Academy, we are committed to investing in the future of the next generation of Nicaragua’s leaders and visionaries.

The Amigos Academy's second 6th grade graduating class.

overcoming obstacles

For years, our Leaders in Action scholarship program has provided students with scholarships to the best high schools and universities in the area. This year, we prayerfully expanded the scope of our scholarship program by providing the opportunity to sponsor elementary school students at the Amigos Academy. This step means that our scholarship program has more than DOUBLED in size! Generous sponsors are currently providing scholarships to over 300 students, allowing them to overcome the financial barriers that have prevented them from attending school, including the cost of tuition, transportation, and supplies. As we serve more students than ever, we thank God for his provision through it all!

IN 2022

99.4% attendance rate

The 200 students at the Amigos Academy boasted a 99.4% attendance rate for the school year.

0% dropout rate after 6th grade

Only 55% of students in Nicaragua continue studying past 6th grade, but this year 100% of Amigos Academy students moved on to 7th grade!

608 baseball games

The Amigos Baseball Academy student-athletes played 608 baseball games this year, developing teamwork and leadership skills. 

72% of graduates are employed

Within three months of graduation, 72% of the Leaders in Action graduates were employed full-time. 62% of our graduates are the first generation in their familes to complete college.

14,170 community service hours

157 Leaders in Action students gave back to their communities by completing 10,495 community service hours. 155 Amigos Academy parents completed over 3,675 community service hours.



At Amigos for Christ, we strive to create lasting transformation in the lives of everyone who comes in contact with our organization. Through hosting local and international mission trips, Amigos facilitates life-changing experiences as people and cultures come together to serve one another.

Amigos team member Morgan Coil and her friend Derek take a break from digging in El Bejuco to read to little Gary.
Community members and local volunteersgroups came together to build relationships and new water systems.

God's hands and feet

Since Amigos for Christ began, thousands of people have willingly left the comfort of their homes, sacrificed time away from their daily lives, and grabbed a shovel to serve to make Christ more visible. In recent years, when mission trip groups from the United States could not join us, groups of local Nicaraguans stepped up to serve their neighbors. In the midst of uncertainty, God’s goodness was contagious, and He provided willing and able hands to do the work. As U.S. groups continue to return, we are eager to see how God will bring local and international groups together to accomplish His great purpose in the next year!

IN 2022

308 American volunteers

308 American mission trip participants traveled to Nicaragua to dedicate their time and strength to serve to make Christ more visible.

1,259 Nicaraguan volunteers

1,259 Nicaraguans served their fellow communities on one-day mission trips.

165 devotionals

Mission trip participants met under the Rancho to share 165 devotionals that reflected on Jesus’ love and example.

32 interns

32 American and Nicaraguan interns served alongside our full-time team, enriching our work and experiencing the transformation and love of Amigos!


Transparency & Accountability

We strive to be a model organization, and we promise to be great stewards of your generosity while always maintaining complete financial transparency.

In 2022 $4,558,839 in donated funds and $5,265,284 in goods and services were given by 1,906 generous donors whose support fuels Amigos for Christ’s mission in Nicaragua.


2022 total: $10,177,926

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2022 total: $10,106,865

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the amigos team

Over the last 23 years, our team has grown and now consists of a total of 185 dedicated employees who lead the advancement of our mission.

charity navigator

Charity Navigator awarded Amigos for Christ with the highest rating of 4 Stars for the seventh consecutive year.

What's Next in 2023

In 2023, we will continue to scale our core community development programs to facilitate life transformation throughout the department of Chinandega.
Youth Development

Amigos Academy

We will welcome 42 new students to the Amigos Academy where they will receive one-of-a-kind opportunities to develop and thrive academically.

youth center

We will open the doors of a new Youth Center at the Amigos Complex for teens to build community, receive tutoring, and be inspired.

baseball academy

The Junior League Baseball Academy team will defend their status as National Champs, and the broader program will continue pouring into 150 young athletes.

Small Business Development

1 Manzana

We will invest in 10 new 1 Manzana Farms, creating more reliable jobs in rural communities.


We will increase investment in pig farming and dragon fruit, the two most profitable agricultural products.


We will expand AgroAmigos’ farm-to-table sales through local produce delivery and export of organic products.

Community Development


5,500 more people will have access to clean water and over 300 more families will build a Modern Bathroom through Water for Chinandega.


Our Plan 7 Community Advocate team will continue to focus on habit change, finance coaching, school attendance, and disease prevention with 7,355 people in 22 communities.

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