This summer, we want to raise $250,000 to support our goal of providing water in every home in the department of Chinandega by 2035.


Clean Water in Every Home

Over the past 20 years, Amigos for Christ has established itself as one of the major participants in alleviating water and sanitation obstacles in the department of Chinandega, Nicaragua.  

In rural Nicaragua, 69% of families lack access to clean water in their homes. The direct consequence of this on a family’s health is dire. Parasitic infections, kidney disease, and chronic childhood diarrhea contribute to a lower life expectancy and make everyday activities like going to school and work very difficult 

We are committed to changing this in rural Nicaragua so that families can live healthy, purpose-filled lives. 

What is Water for Chinandega?

The goal of Water for Chinandega is for every family in the state of Chinandega, Nicaragua to have clean water by 2035.

There are more than 100,000 people in the department of Chinandega who do not have access to clean water.