Welcome Amigos Alumni! 

From the volcano of Cerro Negro to beaches of Poneloya and Aposentillo! From the Casa Blanca to the New Prop! From El Chonco to Rancho Pando to la Chuscada. From the tears shed (every time a new restaurant opened) to the laughs shared (over another visiting circus), thank you for giving your time and hearts to help Amigos become what it is today.  
Our alumni group exists to celebrate the time we shared in Nicaragua and the impact that this has had both on all our lives as well as on those we encountered along the way. We would love the chance to “circle up” in our virtual rancho as we reminisce, reconnect, and remember both the good times we enjoyed, and also the ways that God used us to impact others, from Nicaragua and the States, during this time.

Join us. Amigos will be at the Atlanta Braves game on September 30, with a limited number of tickets available. We would love to have as many Alumni as possible there on that day. The event will go out to the Amigos family email list starting, September 22, so get your tickets before then!


For more info, visit amigosforchrist.org/braves