Gifts of Opportunity

Give the gift of opportunity in Nicaragua

Give the gift of lasting change. Every one of these items will help empower a child, a family, or even an entire community. Each of these gifts represents a component of Plan 7, Amigos for Christ’s seven year community development plan for sustainability. Through these opportunities, each family will be growing, thriving, and reaching its full potential. Thank you for giving gifts of opportunity.

How it works:

  1. You purchase Gifts of Opportunity on behalf of your friends and family members.
  2. Your loved ones receive beautiful cards explaining the impact of their gifts.
  3. Families or communities in Nicaragua receive opportunities that will change their lives forever.

Order before December 19, 2018 for your card to be mailed before Christmas. All other orders will be processed ASAP.


CHICKENS – $12 Chickens provide the opportunity for economic growth in Nicaragua, while their eggs provide a nutritious food option for families. They are bred to create income, food, and ultimately provide a better life for the receiving family. Your gift will be used to best meet the needs of a rural Nicaraguan family who will benefit from capital that will provide access to animals.

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Feed a Student for a Year

FEED A STUDENT FOR A YEAR – $60 Our student meal program provides an incentive for families to send their children to school and improve their overall health and nutrition. When kids are fed, they can focus their energy on learning and dreaming big. Your gift will provide breakfast and lunch for one student every day of the school year.

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PIG – $100 One female pig can produce as many as 20 piglets each year. Pigs provide a much needed source of protein, helping to fight malnutrition. They also create a sustainable source of income for families who raise them to breed and sell. Your gift will be used to best meet the needs of a rural Nicaraguan family who will benefit from capital that will provide access to animals.

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Clean Air Kitchen

CLEAN AIR KITCHEN – $250 Clean Air Kitchens reduce respiratory disease among rural women and children while reducing the amount of wood needed to cook by 75%. Your gift will have a dramatic, positive impact on the health of families and their economic development by providing a clean, smoke-free kitchen and prep area.

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MICROLOAN – $500 Business loans from banks are hard to receive and come with high interest rates. Low-interest capital and technical assistance to rural farmers and entrepreneurs maximizes profit and increases savings. Your gift is an investment in someone’s dream to start or grow a business and to create a dependable source of income.

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Modern Bathroom

MODERN BATHROOM – $619 Bless a family with a dignified space to take care of their physical needs. Modern Bathrooms help reduce the spread of disease and ensure that water sources are protected from human waste so families remain healthy. Your gift of a Modern Bathroom includes a flush toilet, sink, shower, and septic tank.

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A Mile of Pipe

A MILE OF PIPE FOR A WATER SYSTEM – $5,000 Each water system that we help create contains miles of pipe that carry fresh, clean, abundant water to every home in the community. Your gift will bring clean water to hundreds of families every day which helps eliminate disease associated with contaminated water and poor sanitation. Water paves the way for all future progress in communities.

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Farmer’s Well and Irrigation System

FARMER’S WELL AND IRRIGATION SYSTEM – $10,000 Working around seasonal droughts can make farming in Nicaragua a challenge. A farm with its own well and irrigation system will grow crops without the need for rain, allowing farms to take advantage of the fertile soil in Chinandega year round. Your gift will include the drilling of a well and the construction of a complete irrigation system for a multi-acre farm, providing life-transforming income for a family and becoming a model for future farms across Nicaragua

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Where Needed Most

WHERE NEEDED MOST We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. Your gift will be used to achieve the vision of Plan 7 – Amigos for Christ’s seven year community development plan for transformation and sustainability.

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