Marbely Carrasco

October 11, 2019

By: Ivette Rivera

Education can completely change the trajectory of a child’s life. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles to receiving an education; Amigos for Christ is working to change this.  

For Marbely Carrasco, access to education came in the form of both a high school and college scholarship through Young Leaders in Action, Amigos’ scholarship program. Through these scholarships, she became the first member of her family to ever graduate high school, and then the first to graduate from college. Her degree opened the door to many career paths, but she chose to use her education to become an Amigos for Christ Community Advocate where she helps guide families through all the programs that Amigos offers. 

“I feel blessed to be the first to graduate in my family. I am so happy that I was able to reach the goal that I always had, and that now I’m able to help my community develop. It makes me so happy! Now, I am serving my community and helping them to dream big, and I know I will see the lives of so many families being transformed in the future.”

Amigos is proud to have Marbely on our team! Marbely’s contagious smile shines everywhere she goes. She has become a community leader and an example to young girls because of her passion and drive. Her parents taught her to hope and to serve her community, and her education gave her the confidence and resilience to overcome adversity. Her light shines as an inspiration for us all.