Knit Juntos

June 17, 2020

We are Knit Juntos (together).

If you back up and look at how vast the Amigos Family really is, it's breathtaking. God uses people from all over the world to play a part in our big family and to accomplish huge things. Whether you are from The United States, Nicaragua, or somewhere in between - whether you've sent a loved one on a trip, been on one trip or ten trips yourself, You are part of the Amigos family.

The beautiful reality is, it all started with one invitation. Someone invited John Bland on a mission trip in 1997, then he invited more people to come back with him. Then, they invited more people to come back with them, and the rest is history. Now, 20 years later, we are a community of over 20,000 people! That's inspiring stuff. Check out the stories below about how they were invited to join the Amigos Family. We'd also love to hear from you. Send us a picture of yourself or loved one on a trip, or record a short selfie video and share your story of how you became connected to the Amigos Family.

We are #KnitJuntos

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Yaritza Castro

La Danta
"I remember when we saw all these groups come and help our neighbors in El Espabel dig ditches. I was hoping and praying that maybe someday there would be an opportunity for us in the future. A few weeks later, Yaritza joined the Amigos' Family when a partnership with her community, La Danta, began. La Danta neighbors El Pedregal which neighbors El Espabel, three communities that now have their own clean water systems, As the Amigos Family grows, every community has help from other communities. We all pitch in to help one another, from coming to dig ditches, or build Modern Bathrooms, it's woven into what we do. That's how all three of these water systems were built, neighbors helping neighbors, family helping Family. Yaritza and her sister each helped each other build their Modern Bathrooms. She painted hers pink and blue, (pictured), and she takes great pride in it. She reflects on the project as a whole and the future of her community, saying, "I want to give my best and help in any way I can. I am young, I consider that while I have energy I will work hard together with the other leaders to see improvements in my community. I do it especially so that the new generations like my daughter can have better opportunities than we had in the past ”

Danny Duggan

Amigos Team
"One of my best friends invited me to join Dan Huss' youth group trip with Incarnate Word. It completely transformed the trajectory of my life." Danny returned as an intern in 2012 and 2013. When he moved to Nicaragua permanently in 2014, he joined the education team, helping students connect with their scholarship sponsors. Today, Danny is the Chief People Officer at Amigos for Christ and he leads the charge on hiring, equipping and inspiring the growing Amigos Team of 129 dedicated employees. "If you would have told me before that last trip that I would live in Nicaragua, work with the best team in the world, and get to do what I do every day, I never would have believed it. Now, I have the opportunity every day to inspire others to live out their potential, just like Dan did for me."

Douglas Loaisiga

Amigos Team
"I came to know everyone at Amigos when I first went to Young Life. Amigos for Christ has been helping in lots of areas, even in the local neighborhood, Monserrat. So when I was given the opportunity to help with the Amigos projects, I got really excited. I've worked for Amigos for three years, and my job is to create the best organic fertilizer possible! and my days at work are usually filled with lots of sun, lots of land, and lots of friends."

Dr. Scott True

Amigos Famliy - Cincinnati, OH
“My first trip to Amigos was in January 2013, and I’ve been there a total of 13 weeks since." Dr. True is an orthopedic surgeon and was invited by his good friend, Dr. David Miller, who leads an incredible winter surgical brigade every year. "I keep coming back for a lot of reasons. Probably first and foremost is the people. I love the Amigos staff. Their hearts for service are unbelievable and it’s been a true pleasure to come to know and love them and call them friends! I also obviously love helping the people of Nicaragua. The gratitude of the patients is beyond description and very humbling, and I’m so grateful every year to be reminded of why I do what I do and love the giving back component of our medical trips. Our trip is truly the highlight of the year!”

Daryl Strickland

Amigos Family - Wilmington, NC
Our Church, Lifepoint, from Wilmington, North Carolina has made trips for seven consecutive years. We keep coming back year after year because we get to help change lives in Nicaragua, our group members lives are changed in Nicaragua. And God speaks something new into me every time that I come so I can’t wait for each next trip. “ Daryl has introduced hundreds of people from Wilmington, North Carolina into the Amigos Family.

Nachita Poveda

Amigos Team
"My father worked for the organization a long time ago, that's how I was introduced to Amigos. I started working on the hospitality team, but over my eight years at Amigos I've grown into a role where I am teaching farmers how to track their sales and invoicing. I’m so glad to be a part of this big family."

Row David

Amigos Family - San Jose, CA
Row leads the youth at Holy Spirit Parish and has been a champion for our team and rural Nicaragua families for many years. "I keep coming back because of the love that is shared. The love of the Nicaraguan people, the love of the Amigos staff, and what the power of love can do for a community and indeed an entire nation. One of the things I always look forward to is getting on the big yellow school bus, after a great day of work, being all sweaty and dirty but yet loving every single minute of it... and then sharing your day and experience with the person sitting next to you. "

Dan Huss

Amigos Family - St. Louis
Dan has been bringing his youth group from Incarnate Word for 12 years! "I keep coming back because of the opportunity to serve. When I really think about it, I come back because I hear God most clearly in my life when I am there. No matter how much I can give, I always return with much more clarity in my own life. That may sound self-serving but once you experience Christ through the people of Nicaragua like we do, you will continue to yearn for that everyday. My favorite part of being involved is, now over 1000 people from Incarnate Word who have joined us. You get to see the face of Jesus. The coolest part may be the way it transforms someone else's life and then they go and tell someone else, who comes the following year.

Manuel López

Amigos Team
"My first connection to the Amigos Family was when I met Danny back in 2015 at a language school in Granada where I used to teach Spanish. He invited me to come to Chinandega and check out Amigos, and I started working here in 2018." Manuel has been been married for almost 20 years and has two daughters, Stefanie & Keysha, and one son, Tyrese. I love meeting people that come down to serve with us. They are trying to find Christ in everything, and that's what I am trying to do too.

Álvaro Palma

Douglas Loaisiga's cousin, Alvaro, lives in Matilde with his wife and their little boy. They came to know Amigos through the water project in their community, and through their cousin. They recently just built their own home and are joining it to the existing water system.

Dixia López

Mina de Agua
Dixia and her husband, Nelson moved their family to Mina de Agua a year ago to be a part of a thriving community. One of the biggest draws for them was the clean water system (a water system that Dr. Miller and Dr. True's groups helped build) They're also excited about the opportunities for their two daughters in this community. “We are blessed to live in Mina de Agua and to be a part of the Amigos family where there is so much opportunity.”

Napoleon Mendoza

La Grecia
I became part of the Amigos family when their leadership team came to our community years ago and explained that we would lead our community towards change. I stayed until the end of the meeting because I really wanted us to take advantage of this opportunity!” The rest is history. At only 28 years old, Napoleon is one of the youngest community leaders in La Grecia. “I want to be healthy and happy and leave a legacy of opportunity for my family. I want a better life for my family, especially for my four siblings that live with me. I also love watching my grandmother laugh with joy whenever we turn on the water spigot!