It All Starts With a Bright Spot…

February 26, 2019


Francisco “Chico” Desbas is a true servant leader at Amigos. He started on the Marketing & Communications team in 2011 and then became an all-star university scholarship student. With his degree in Civil Engineering, Chico has greatly influenced our Infrastructure projects to best achieve our Community Development goals. Chico is a friend to all and an inspiring visionary.

Bright spots are all around us. If you remember to keep an eye out, there is always someone who can positively impact your life with their light.

For me it was a U.S. missionary named Iris. I met her in 2011. Her relationship with God and her love of serving others inspired me to do the same. As I watched her lead groups in infrastructure projects and devotionals, I was inspired to follow in her footsteps. I saw her light shining, and I knew that I wanted to do that for other people.

Through Iris, I learned about Amigos for Christ. She encouraged me to apply for an internship when I was still in high school. After completing my internship, I received a scholarship from Amigos to study Civil Engineering. Now I work full time as a Project Director, creating budgets, designs, and leading our team in the construction of Modern Bathrooms.

Because of Iris’ light, I have seen so many families transformed when they received their Modern Bathroom. Their health and hygiene have improved greatly, but nothing impacts them more than the people they get to know through the visiting volunteers. People who leave their homes, their countries and their communities to come and serve alongside them. People like Iris, who invest their time, money, and strength so that others feel important, exactly how Jesus did.