Hope in La Coyotera

October 5, 2019

by: Ivette Rivera

Because she is a very kind person.  

Because she teaches me to read. 

Because I can dance and play at school. 

Because she gives me books to read in class. 

Because she’s always happy and fun! 

These are just a few of the reasons the students in La Coyotera appreciate their teacher, Esperanza. Each one of her students know how important her work is and are proud to call her their teacher.  

Esperanza has eight years of classroom experience, and for eight years she has gotten up for each school day and had to walk down an extremely long, rocky road to get to the school where she teaches. Despite the distance, Esperanza is punctual and always arrives on time to teach six primary grades. This dedicated teacher makes the limited educational resources of La Coyotera stretch, and with her support, her students have basic literacy and math skills. 

Esperanza is a bright spot in this Education Center, she is an example of how to motivate students with fun activities like songs and educational games. Outside of the school, she is a community leader who works with children, youth, families, and community members to ensure that her students reach their full potential. 

“No matter the circumstances, I always try to make an extra effort for my students. My experience as a teacher has been a real gift. My students are very dedicated, hungry to learn.”


This thirst for learning is what fills Esperanza with satisfaction. The little ones make her long walk into school each day worthwhile.