Count Me In.

March 6, 2019


Craig Merrigan is the President of Amigos for Christ’s Board of Directors. He has been involved with Amigos since 2005 and has a special heart for the Amigos Scholarship Program. Based in Toronto, Craig is the father of three daughters and has 31 years of experience in Investment Management.

Believe it or not, John Bland used to work in the insurance industry! Many moons ago, that’s where we met. Absent that connection, Amigos and Nicaragua would not be on my radar. In 2005, my family became involved through sponsoring scholarship students. We were delighted to be a part of this. Since then, our involvement has happily grown and it has been a great privilege to play a small role in this amazing organization.

Our faith urges us to prioritize the most vulnerable. Through Amigos, we receive a unique opportunity to directly serve others in this way. Ironically, in the midst of this, the Nicaraguans we serve often awaken us to what’s most important, teaching us the value of simplicity, gratitude, and deep faith.

After an incredible twenty years, Amigos is just getting warmed up! There are endless opportunities to positively impact rural Nicaraguan communities while also enriching the lives of visiting missionaries. Following years of both success and missteps, Amigos is getting better at what we do. Our use of data will also be important in this regard.

The slower, simpler, and tranquil pace around Chinandega allows us to leave behind our typical distractions, enables deeper reflection, helps us to find our better selves through humbly serving others, and – ultimately – step closer to God. Given this, who wouldn’t want to be involved?

Count me in.