3rd Quarter 2019

October 16, 2019

July-September 2019 Highlights


The main water line in El Espabel is finished


The 1,000th Modern Bathroom was constructed


The new Clean Air Kitchen design is a hit


The Community Advocate Team rewarded 600 niños for great school attendance


Organic Amigos for Christ Pitaya has been exported

Community Leadership

Leaders_Artboard 1

10 leaders attended community leadership training

Home_Artboard 1

1,881 home visits by the Community Advocate Team to all our 19 communities


Meetings_Artboard 1

21 community wide meetings in 17 communities



Gallons_Artboard 1

27,960,237 gallons of water flowed to 1,700 families

Dig_Artboard 1

2,624 feet of water ditches dug with the community of La Danta

Dig_Artboard 1

5,808 feet of water ditches dug with the community of El Espabel


Samples_Artboard 1

2,214 urine and stool samples were tested to diagnose, treat, and further prevent kidney disease and parasites

Kidney_Artboard 1

147 people treated for kidney disease

Parasite_Artboard 1

825 people treated for parasites

Training_Artboard 1

901 families were trained in preventative health


93 Modern Bathrooms constructed with rural families


Students_Artboard 1

1,631 students enrolled and attending class in 18 communities

Breakfast_Artboard 1

122 students received healthy breakfasts and lunches in 2 communities

Creation_Artboard 1

855 students attended after-school activities

Scholarship_Artboard 1

130 scholarship students attended a transformative spiritual retreat


834 students were celebrated for 100% school attendance this quarter

Economic Development

Loan_Artboard 1

76 families received microcredit loans to invest in their small businesses 

TrainingED_Artboard 1

76 microcredit beneficiaries received training in resource and business management 


Missions_Artboard 1

384 visiting volunteers and 132 local volunteers came to serve alongside their brothers and sisters in Nicaragua – they helped build 93 Modern Bathrooms, finished main water lines, scarfed down 3,160 PB&J sandwiches and had 81 devos under the rancho 

Plan 7 Progress

What is Plan 7? Plan 7 is Amigos for Christ’s community development model. The focus of this model is long-term, sustainable growth in rural Nicaraguan communities.

These are the 5 goals to be accomplished within 7 years in each community: 

  • Community Leadership: The community leads, owns, and operates every project.
  • Water & Sanitation: Clean water is available 24/7.
  • Health: Reduce the cases of intestinal parasites, kidney disease, and respiratory disease by 10% each year & a septic system for waste (Modern Bathroom) in every home.
  • Education: 100% of children ages 5-17 attend school.
  • Economic Development: Family income is at least $15 a day.