2nd Quarter 2020

July 17, 2020

Greetings from Nicaragua!

In the midst of these very challenging times, Amigos has launched one of its greatest endeavors ever.” Check out this quarterly update and hear more from John about what we’ve been up to these last few months.

While some of our project construction was temporarily paused for safety, our team has been innovative in creating new ways to serve communities. As of July 6, we are back to working on regular projects, like bathroom and water system construction.
We are so thankful for the many ways you cheer on our team and fuel real progress.
The Amigos Team

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April - June 2020 Highlights


40 new students joined the scholarship program this year, making a total of 163 hardworking high school and university students. They successfully made one giant zoom call with over 100 participants! These are the future leaders of Nicaragua. 


We continued our work in disease prevention by educating rural families on COVID-19 and providing “sanitation starter packs” complete with hand sanitizer, masks, and bleach to over 1,400 families.


2 new employees joined the Amigos team! Bringing our whole team to a total of 131.


16,992 pieces of personal protection gear, 81 gallons of hand sanitizer, and 48 gallons of antibacterial soap were donated to the local hospital in Chinandega.


We’re harnessing the power of the hot Chinandega sun. 132 solar panels were installed, and The AmigosComplex is running on solar power!


The Amigos Academy opened in La Chuscada, offering extracurricular courses to about 100 adults and children, fresh with newly painted walls and murals.


5 new wells were drilled for 1 Manzana Project farms, allowing year-round irrigation and crop growth. 


Medical equipment for the Chosen Eye Clinic arrived. Construction on the clinic begins this year! 


Our team assisted 22 farmers and their families plant 122,677 seeds and plants on 70 manzanas so their small organic farms will thrive. 


The Business for Transformation Production Center construction is complete.

Plan 7 Progress

What is Plan 7? Plan 7 is Amigos for Christ’s community development model. The focus of this model is long-term, sustainable growth in rural Nicaraguan communities.

These are the 5 goals to be accomplished within 7 years in each community: 

  • Community Leadership: The community leads, owns, and operates every project.
  • Water & Sanitation: Clean water is available 24/7.
  • Health: Reduce the cases of intestinal parasites, kidney disease, and respiratory disease by 10% each year & a septic system for waste (Modern Bathroom) in every home.
  • Education: 100% of children ages 5-17 attend school.
  • Economic Development: Family income is at least $15 a day.