1st Quarter 2020

April 14, 2020

January-March 2020 Highlights


El Espabel’s water system was completed, inaugurated, and is providing clean water for 89 more families

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Drilling has begun for the well in La La Danta Asseradores

Construction for the Amigos Complex to run on solar panels has begun

14 people from our team and the Amigos Family ran 450 kilometers up and down volcanos, so more families in rural Nicaragua can have clean water

Community Leadership

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1,679 home visits by the Community Advocate Team to all our 19 communities


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434 families received health classes from the Community Advocate Team



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Nearly 30,000,000 gallons of water flowed to 1,700 families

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62 Modern Bathrooms constructed with families, complete with a flush toilet, a sink, and a shower


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1,385 urine and stool samples were tested to diagnose, treat, and further prevent kidney disease and parasites

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92 people treated for kidney disease and 491 people treated for parasites 

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434 families were trained in preventative health

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8 new Clean Air Kitchens built


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The new preschool in El Moto is complete and was inaugurated by the community’s first preschool class

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The Amigos Baseball Academy started in March, allowing kids to have access to quality baseball training, coaching, mentoring, and spiritual training

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A variety of extracurricular classes in La Chuscada opened, with over 80 adults and kids enrolled for English, Spanish, and computer literacy classes

Economic Development

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7 families received microcredit loans to invest in their small businesses 

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270 microcredit beneficiaries received training in resource and business management 


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184 visiting volunteers came to serve alongside their brothers and sisters in Nicaragua – they helped build 26 Modern Bathrooms,  scarfed down 736 PB&J sandwiches, and had 60 devos under the rancho 

Plan 7 Progress

What is Plan 7? Plan 7 is Amigos for Christ’s community development model. The focus of this model is long-term, sustainable growth in rural Nicaraguan communities.

These are the 5 goals to be accomplished within 7 years in each community: 

  • Community Leadership: The community leads, owns, and operates every project.
  • Water & Sanitation: Clean water is available 24/7.
  • Health: Reduce the cases of intestinal parasites, kidney disease, and respiratory disease by 10% each year & a septic system for waste (Modern Bathroom) in every home.
  • Education: 100% of children ages 5-17 attend school.
  • Economic Development: Family income is at least $15 a day.