Geneser – 10 Year Old Business Owner and Inspiration.

July 22, 2020

By: Morgan Coil
Geneser - 10 year old daughter, sister, athlete, and small business owner!

Geneser is an intelligent, ambitious, sweet 10-year-old from the community of El Pedregal. She is not your average 10-year-old. When she’s not at school, studying, or playing sports with her friends you can find her managing the books of her mom’s tortilla business and running her own enchilada business.  

Geneser sharing a laugh with her little brother and friends!

She is a young girl with big dreams and the ambition to make those dreams happen. She takes after her mom, Doña Esperanza, in that regard. She has learned at a young age the importance of tracking income and expenses, as well as the importance of saving. Her mom took quick note of her ability to learn and immediately knew that she wanted her daughter to be exposed to small business development. 


So in between pickup games of soccer and softball, doing her homework, and helping with chores, Geneser is helping run two businesses. She manages to be a kid and an entrepreneur. She’s an inspiration. Did we mention she’s only 10?

Through her business, she’s already started saving. Her hope is to save up enough to buy a cow so she can learn how to make cujada [a local type of cheese] to sell. She’s always thinking about what’s next and what she can accomplish. Her creativity, drive, and business savvy are going to take her far. When she grows up, she wants to be an agricultural engineer and build a stable house of cement for her family. What this girl puts her mind to, she does. The future is hers…watch out world! 

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