This is What the Kingdom Looks Like


By: Sabrina Bland

Friday, I saw a glimpse of the kingdom of God.

When you are stuck in a cycle of poverty you don’t feel lack of things. You lack hope that things will ever change. Lack of hope leads to desperation and giving up. Which brings out the worst in humans. No hope means an attitude of …whatever. Who cares. I will just take what I have today. In Nicaragua, this leads to despair.

But surprisingly the fruit of Amigos slowly and faithfully working side-by-side with communities has sown an unexpected crop. Hope.

Gently it has grown in communities. They see what is possible. Abundant water, cleanliness, children in school learning, leaders working together to change their communities, sickness and despair snuffling out the door, energy and creativity born in their lives.

So when one community couldn’t see this, when it was stuck, seeing what happened last Friday was like a blooming of Hope.

The community of El Moto is hard. Hard rock. Hard dirt. Hard clay. One well dry, another well not good. For three years the community has hoped. But difficulties and roadblocks were wearing this thin.

So when other communities (both near and far) heard about what was happening in El Moto, they decided to help. No one made them. They loaded onto buses, and four other communities dug somewhere that they never been – during their busy planting season, during a drought – when their own worries and work were heavy on their minds. They offered hope to people that they never met. And we dug some of the hardest dirt I have ever seen.

I asked why? And the answers I received are what lifts me up… “We heard that they were working so hard…our dirt was soft.” Or, “We have water and bathrooms now, we just wanted to help.” One community is waiting for Amigos to START their system, and still 27 men came. The leader told me, “We wanted to help, to see what this will look like for us. We had no idea how hard their dirt is. We are so lucky, our dirt is softer. Maybe someone will help us too if we need it!”

Today I saw loaves and fishes. I saw friends lowering their friend through the roof to be healed. I saw the acts of apostles in action. I saw the spreading of Jesus’s love to us all….I have come not only that we can have life, but life abundant.

And I also have Hope.

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