June 1st-July 20th

100 Modern Bathrooms

Doña Xiomara and Don Ernesto’s story is just one example of transformation.

Imagine 100 more.

Every family should have a place to use the bathroom with dignity. Let’s come together and provide 100 Modern Bathrooms.

Give a Modern Bathroom


What’s so “modern” about a Modern Bathroom? Simple. A flush toilet, sink, and shower – the modern standard in hygiene for something we all do, everyday – use the bathroom.

In most of rural Nicaragua, open-pit latrines are the norm. Waste is left open to bugs and insects that carry disease to children, food, and anything they land on. This summer, we can help change that for 100 families. Each Modern Bathroom will help to end the cycle of parasites and allow families to care for their hygiene and sanitation needs, like bathing and washing their hands. The septic systems are sealed off so that the water supply won’t be contaminated by bacteria, such as E Coli. 

Give a Modern Bathroom