Our goal is 100% primary school attendance.

Sponsor a Student Now

Help us get there by sponsoring two nutritious meals a day for kids participating in our student meal program.


The Challenge In poor rural communities, families cannot afford to eat a nutritious variety of food. In addition, children often stop attending school because they must work to help their families survive.

The Opportunity Our student meal programs exist to improve the nutrition of children in rural Nicaragua and to provide an incentive for families to send their children to school. In order to participate each day, a child must attend school and pay four cents for two meals, breakfast and lunch. This both empowers students to perform better in school and alleviates the burden of feeding children from families that are already struggling to survive. In addition, by enlisting members of the communities to staff each of our four feeding centers, we are fostering communities that are invested in the future of their children.

For $5 a month you can feed a student twice a day for an entire year.

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