Mooo-ve Over, Superman

Jeremiah probably wouldn’t call himself a hero. But we think Iris and Uriel would disagree.

“There have been times when our kids only ate from time to time,” Iris, who lives with her husband, Uriel, and their three children in the community of Las Torres, shares. “We couldn’t eat what we didn’t have.”

Fortunately for Iris and Uriel, people like Jeremiah see giving gifts as an opportunity to give back. As longtime members of the Amigos Family, Jeremiah knew his family would appreciate a different kind of Christmas gift. “I told each person they had a certain amount and could choose whatever they wanted from the Amigos [Gift of Opportunity] catalog,” he explains.

In the end his Mom chose a cow, a gift that provided the exact kind of opportunity a family like Iris and Uriel’s needed so much. “Before, we couldn’t ever give a glass of milk to our kids because, well,we didn’t have any to give,” explains Iris. “But now that we’ve been blessed with a cow of our own, every morning they have their milk and go to school with enough to sustain them through the day.”

And, the milk they don’t consume can be sold, a financial boon that helps cover the costs of purchasing school supplies or any other unexpected expenses their family might face. “One of the great joys of Christmas is giving to others,” concludes Jeremiah. “I wanted to give my family that rather than just a typical present – to let everyone have that feeling of giving.”

There are 7,158 people living in the 17 communities where we work. Many of them have animals that significantly improve their quality of life; however, most of them do not. Our goal is to ensure that every single one of these families has access to the life-changing opportunity to stabilize their income and achieve their dreams.

In Iris and Uriel’s eyes, Jeremiah is a Superhero. This Christmas, #FindYourHero by giving the life-changing Gift of Opportunity to a family in need at


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