Everybody Loves a Pig in Uniform

Addie is only seven years old, but don’t try telling her she’s too young to change the world. She should know; she’s been doing it since she was five.

That’s how old Addie was when she decided to ask her friends, family, and pretty much anyone who would listen to donate chickens, pigs, and cows instead of giving her presents. “It makes me sad that people in Nicaragua have very little food and they don’t have money to buy food,” says Addie. “I want the people in Nicaragua to have food and be healthy and happy and know God’s love.” (Wise words from someone in the first half of second grade.)

“I was inspired by her selflessness and tried to encourage her to spread the word to our family and friends. We even posted a video on Facebook,” Adie’s mom, Kelley, adds. “I was humbled and amazed when God showed up in a big way. Adie started getting money from family and friends at school, Girl Scouts, and church. A few of her friends gave money from their piggy banks and another friend gave $50 of her own birthday money to help Adie reach her goal.”

Overall, Adie has rallied her community to donate enough animals to help six families all over rural Nicaragua, including families just like Vilma’s in the tiny, rural community of La Coyotera. Ever since Vilma’s first husband passed away, things had gotten pretty tough. Nothing was harder, though, than the persistent feeling that she couldn’t really provide for her son, Nersys.

That is, until Amigos for Christ arrived with a pregnant pig that turned Vilma’s life around, including freshly sown fields, a repaired home, and plenty of food on the table. But for Vilma, all that paled in comparison to her proudest accomplishment: being able to help Nersys build a home of his own for himself, his wife, and Vilma’s first granddaughter. “The pig has helped me in so many ways, but more than anything it’s allowed me to help my son,” explains Vilma. “I fight to support him; as his mother, I’ll be by his side as long as I live.”

“It is crazy to think that the money we would spend on dinner and a movie or a child’s birthday party can literally change a families future and give them the resources they need to be self reliant,” reflects Kelley. “The beautiful thing about the people of Nicaragua is that they don’t just stop with themselves. When they receive the blessing of animals, they share with their neighbors and friends. What an awesome reminder of loving thy neighbor!”

And what would Adie say to other kids (or parents) who are thinking about getting involved this year? “”If you give animals you can show that you have a BIG heart for others. We have a lot of toys and the kids in Nicaragua don’t have much. They need food and we really don’t need more toys.” Enough said.

There are 7,158 people living in the 17 communities where we work. Many of them have animals that significantly improve their quality of life; however, most of them do not. Our goal is to ensure that every single one of these families has access to the life-changing opportunity to stabilize their income and achieve their dreams.

In Vilma’s eyes, Adie is a superhero. This Christmas, #FindYourHero by giving the life-changing Gift of Opportunity to a family in need at www.amigosforchrist.org/hero.


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