Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION is to serve God by providing opportunities for missionaries and impoverished families to grow through life-changing experiences.

OUR VISION is to be a model community development organization that facilitates water, health, education, economic, and infrastructure improvements in rural Nicaragua.

Five Foundations on which we stand:

  1. Following Jesus.

    In everything we do, we want to model Jesus’ ministry. We believe that He set the tone for what serving others looks like. Consistently referring to His life and ministry is where we will begin and finish everything we do. The following four foundations are built upon this one.

  2. Being Transparent.

    Every penny that is given to Amigos for Christ will always be accounted for and our financial reports are always available to the public. In the same light, we want our personal lives to look the same “on and off stage” so to speak. Maintaining integrity in our work and personal lives is crucial.

  3. Striving for Excellence.

    We believe in utilizing every resource within our reach to carry out our mission to its maximum potential. From building houses and water systems to scrubbing toilets in our mission dormitories, it will be done to the best of our ability.

  4. Pursuing Growth.

    There is always potential for growth – both in our mission and in our personal lives. Amigos for Christ was built upon creative ideas inspired by a creative God. We continue to cultivate that ingenuity to move us forward. New initiatives and projects are frequently being created by volunteers and employees. We encourage all who come in contact with Amigos to “dream big”, trust that God is in the driver’s seat, and to use their talents to expand our mission.

  5. Connecting Cultures.

    We have much to learn from each other. Our mission trips completely immerse participants into the Nicaraguan culture for a deeper look into the lives of amazing people. Stepping out of our comfort zones to meet new people and experience different things can challenge us to come alive in new ways so that we can live abundant, purposeful lives. Relationship building is the backbone of what we do.

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