Amigos for Christ has a

7 Year Vision

for every community we work in.

It’s a commitment to significant, sustainable growth for rural Nicaraguan families.

Our seven year partnership is centered around


for each community.


Form and develop Community Leadership teams in the areas of…

Water and Sanitation

Health Care

Education and Nutrition

Economic Develompent

In 2014, 350 community members participated in a variety of leadership seminars designed to help them grow spiritually, professionally, and personally.

Water and Sanitation


Ensure each family has access to at least 100 gallons of water daily at a cost of $5 per month or less.

In rural Nicaragua, more than half of all water supplies are contaminated, causing health problems like chronic kidney disease, diarrhea, and skin disease.

In 2014, we laid 59,055 feet
of pipe that will carry up to 30,000 gallons of water to 936 people in 5 rural Nicaragua communities.


Build a Modern Bathroom at every home featuring a flush toilet, shower, and septic tank.

Intestinal parasites and diarrhea caused by poor sanitation is the number one killer of children under five in Nicaragua.

In 2014, we built 161 Modern Bathrooms featuring a toilet, shower, and septic tank, providing relief from parasites through excellent sanitation for 1,110 people.

Health Care


Eliminate intestinal parasites caused by poor water and sanitation.


of rural Nicaraguans do not have access to adequate sanitation.

In 2014, we distributed antiparasitic treatment to 247 children, maximizing the impact of their Modern Bathrooms by eliminating parasites in their communities.


Eliminate respiratory disease caused by inhalation of cooking smoke.

The carbon monoxide concentration in a typical rural kitchen is considered life-threatening after only three hours of exposure.

In 2014, we built 50 Clean Air Kitchens, effectively eliminating the risk of lung disease from smoke inhalation for families in 6 communities.


Eliminate chronic kidney disease caused by insufficient water consumption.

Nicaragua is the only country in the world where kidney disease caused by chronic dehydration kills more people annually than any other disease.

In 2014, we provided comprehensive health education to 250 community members in 7 communities, empowering them to maximize the impact of their clean water systems.

Health Care


Facilitate 100% graduation rate for grades K-6.

Last year nationwide school attendance rates dropped for the first time in years.

In 2014, over 216,000 meals were served through student meal programs in 4 communities, providing essential nutrition and a powerful incentive to keep 540 students in school.


Achieve minimum of 80% graduation rate from high school or vocational school.

In rural Nicaragua, only 1 in 7 students will finish high school.

In 2014, we connected 100 students with sponsors who enabled them to realize their potential in high school, technical school, and college, including 5 who graduated.

Economic Development


Increase family income to at least $15/day.


of rural families live at or below the national poverty line.

In 2014, 117 families utilized $23,593 of capital in animals to produce $66,021 worth of chickens, pigs, cows, and products such as eggs and milk (that’s a 280% return on investment!).

In 2014, 89 famers borrowed low-interest loans to cultivate 552 acres of land at a significant profit.

None of this would be possible without our

Amazing Amigos Family!

1,295 missionaries spent over 51,800 hours serving their Nicaraguan brothers and sisters (fueled by 6,475 PB&Js!).

50 medical professional provided 108 life-changing surgeries for Nicaraguan patients, including our first-ever week of knee and hip replacements.

We partnered with OneSight to connect 55 eye-care specialists with 2,800 people who received the gift of vision through eye exams and custom glasses manufactured on sight.

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