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“They are making my dream a reality.”

For 50 years, Luis suffered from a debilitating hip condition that caused him to limp and put him in perpetual pain. Turned away from every hospital and clinic his whole life, his dream to live without pain seemed like it might never come true.


But that changed this past January, when orthopedic specialist Dr. Scott True joined our General Surgical Brigade and – through generous donations from Stryker Company and DePuy Synthes – was able to offer state-of-the-art hip replacements in Chinandega’s Hospital EspaƱa.


It’s a beautiful story of resilience, faith, and healing, and no one tells it better than Luis himself:

572 Reasons to Fuel the Future

We have a goal: 100% student attendance. Here in Nicaragua, where 67% of kids don’t complete the sixth grade, that can seem like a pretty big challenge.


Fortunately, the solution is (deliciously) simple. By serving kids two nutritious meals a day, we can create an incentive for parents to keep sending their kids to school while also empowering students to perform their very best. We call it Fuel the Future, and we believe it can change the future of an entire generation.


There’s only one thing missing: you. We need your help to sponsor the 572 students who currently participate in our Fuel the Future student meal program. It only costs $5 a month to sponsor one student for a year; it’s a simple solution, but it can make an enormous difference.


Together, we can make it happen. You in? Learn how:

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